• Dana Lariviere

    President & CEO

    Dana Lariviere is responsible for the day-to-day operation and growth of Chameleon Group. Dana provides a wealth of experience from senior executive sales and operational positions in the North America and EMEA markets in a career that has spanned more than 20 years. Mr. Lariviere has managed worldwide sales and sales channel operations for companies such as Aprisma Management Technologies, Digital Networks and Cabletron Systems. At Cabletron, Lariviere increased service sales from $4 million to more than $225 million! This combination of international experience in both direct and indirect sales channels for hardware, software and services, as well as his demonstrated expertise in all facets of sales operations brings a distinct and unique advantage to our customers at Chameleon Group.

  • Vinny Bossi

    Chief Technology Officer

    Vincent Bossi (Vinny) is responsible for the implementation and management of Chameleon’s call management and CRM systems, as well as the integration of client’s CRM systems into Chameleon’s processes. Mr. Bossi is tasked with ensuring that all client records and databases are maintained in a secure and highly confidential environment and is ultimately responsible for all required reporting and data management. Vinny joined Chameleon Group at its inception. Prior to Chameleon Group, he held senior sales channel operations management positions with Lucent Technologies, Avaya, the Systimax Division of Lucent and Avaya, as well as sales positions with Cabletron Systems.

  • Jean Rozema

    Inside Sales Manager

    Jean Rozema has worked in the spectrum of sales channel management for over thirty years. In her ninth year at Chameleon Group, Jean is responsible for all inbound and outbound sales activities for the various groups that together make up one of Chameleon Group's largest and oldest valued clients. A relationship that has grown globally for the tenth consecutive year. Previous to Chameleon group, Jean had an ownership role in a medical equipment company, as well as five years experience as a marketing manager. Jean's passion is traveling, as the walls of her office can attest. From the Pyramids to the Panama Canal you never know quite where she is next.

  • Deb Clark

    Inside Sales Manager

    Deb Clark has over 20 years of sales and account management experience. At Chameleon Group, Deb is responsible for the management of customer accounts and all sales channel activities associated. Previously, she served in a variety of senior account management roles in the IT industry, where she partnered with CIO's and other Executives to ensure a satisfied customer base through aligning technology solutions with corporate goals. Deb also has leadership experience in working closely with management teams to successfully execute account plans and objectives. Deb holds a B.S. in Communications from Castleton State College in Vermont.