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Contract Renewal Services

Contract renewal is an important process for any business with recurring services or product updates. Eliminating out-of-date contracts and updating client information is the key to ensuring that your business remains focused and organized. Chameleon Group helps businesses maintain a streamlined approach to contract renewal.

Recurring Service Sales & Contract Renewals

Recurring service sales require a particular set of skills and a thorough understanding of the overall sales process. Managing different aspects of sales such as capture rates, renewal rates, and abandon rates is critical to fine-tuning and developing a growing stream of revenue.

Chameleon’s contract renewal sales experts help your company reduce expired service contracts and consistently increase your number of customers with recurring service contracts.

  • Eliminating lost revenue opportunities due to poor follow-up with consumers
  • Ensuring upward growth of maintenance and service contracts
  • Reaching out to expired contracts to regenerate lost revenue
  • Increasing capture rates upon initial purchase

Chameleon Group’s Contract Renewal Services

At Chameleon Group, our knowledgeable and personable sales experts work closely with businesses to increase revenues by following up with existing customers to sell new service contracts.

We also manage the renewal of existing agreements. Our process allows us to integrate with your existing system to build a shared management database. This management database tracks data and efficiently handles the contract renewal process.

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