Database Cleansing & List Solutions

Did you know… The average life-span of your data is 6 months?

How are you keeping your database fresh?

  • List Cleansing

    Increase account penetration and marketing ROI by identifying new target intelligence

    Make Sense of ALL data

    Company Closures & Mergers

    Complete Lead Overhaul

    New Contact Discovery

  • List Development

    Develop your lists with accurate data intelligence to increase lead conversion rate

    Leverage Existing Data

    Introduce New Target Profiles

    Demographic Encompassing

    Provide Sales With Accurate Data

  • List Maintenance

    Maintain the integrity of your data to avoid duplication and outdated information

    Ensure Accurate Data

    Improve Your Sales Efficiency

    Avoid Duplicate Records

    Safe. Secure. Efficient.

  • Prospect Profiling

    Use people, not machines to apply intelligence and identify key decision makers

    Market Assessments

    Targeting Profile

    Key Data Points

    Who’s on first


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