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Profiling your prospects through market research

High-quality sales intelligence is the key to a successful lead generation campaign. As experts in prospect profiling and market research, Chameleon Group will determine who your target market and map the future prospects for your organization.

B2B Prospects Profiling Services

There’s no question of adaptability. Chameleon Group’s prospect profiling services deliver results as a seamless extension of your company. As our prospect profiling team integrates with your company, we are equipped to determine the quality of prospects your sales force requires.

How Can Prospect Profiling Grow Your Company?

  • Research reports are generated by skilled, intuitive people, not machines
  • Deliver qualified leads to your sales force with all necessary sales intelligence
  • Receive qualified prospect lists with all client information necessary to make a sale
  • Modeling profiling techniques and intelligence for “high-profile” prospects
  • Conduct qualified demand estimation & generation within your target demographic

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