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Enhance Your ROI

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List Cleansing Services

Multi-National Database Scrubbing

Chameleon Group assists local and global corporations with our multi-national list cleansing services. We systematically work through new or existing lists using expert survey techniques, customized data searching, and enhancement tools and techniques to cleanse, enhance, and maintain  your database.

  • Free sample database scrubbing
  • Providing accurate and reliable contact lists
  • Database scrubbing for lists of any size and purpose

List Cleansing Services

Chameleon Group has extensive experience in database cleansing to ensure the highest quality data is always available. We use direct contact and survey techniques to systematically cleanse, enhance and maintain your sales lead database. We adapt to meet your needs by consolidating multiple lists or enhancing your current targeted lists.

  • Updating current information, tracking down or eliminating old information
  • Lead follow-up to ensure appropriate decision makers are receiving your campaign materials

Updating and Enhancing Contact Lists

  • List augmentation

  • Data enhancement

  • Market research

  • Customer segmentation

  • Demographic proofing

Chameleon Group List Cleansing Services

Want to experience the benefits of clean, updated contact information in your sales database? Contact Chameleon Group for a free sample list cleansing!

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