How Does Chameleon Group Save Me Money?

How Does Chameleon Group Save Me Money?


As a complete sales partner, our efforts at Chameleon Group save you money in terms of improving the fluidity of your sales process. By eliminating unsuccessful elements of your sales system, your sales dollars go farther and bring about a stronger ROI.

As we manage your sales efforts, whether that’s through database cleansing, inbound marketing, direct sales, or telemarketing, we watch the metrics. Every day of every campaign we perform for your company is tracked. This helps us assess what’s working and adjust our efforts over time.

Measuring Sales Results

The most important part of the process is knowing what measure, when to measure it, and how to interpret those measurements to bring about the greatest success. When companies attempt to comprehensively track their sales efforts in-house, they often aren’t aware of which factors are bringing about what results. At Chameleon Group, this type of support and analysis is our specialty.

One example of our process is seen in backwards planning. We look at the desired outcome of a particular campaign, then we backtrack to determine the steps to take in order to arrive there. We look at the recurring actions that are required, and as we implement the sales efforts, we assess the data and adjust our efforts accordingly.

Effective Sales Strategy

Our evaluation process allows for a level of highly tuned, effective sales strategy that often cannot be accomplished in-house. Rather than pursuing a trial-and-error approach to a sales campaign, Chameleon Group provides cost-effective services that save you money and bring real results. Contact us today to learn more!

B2B Prospect Profiling Services

B2B Prospect Profiling Services

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Profiling your prospects through market research

High-quality sales intelligence is the key to a successful lead generation campaign. As experts in prospect profiling and market research, Chameleon Group will determine who your target market and map the future prospects for your organization.

B2B Prospect Profiling Services

There’s no question of adaptability. Chameleon Group’s prospect profiling services deliver results as a seamless extension of your company. As our prospect profiling team integrates with your company, we are equipped to determine the quality of prospects your sales force requires.

How Can Prospect Profiling Grow Your Company?

  • Research reports are generated by skilled, intuitive people, not machines
  • Deliver qualified leads to your sales force with all necessary sales intelligence
  • Receive qualified prospect lists with all client information necessary to make a sale
  • Modeling profiling techniques and intelligence for “high-profile” prospects
  • Conduct qualified demand estimation & generation within your target demographic

Experience precise lead qualification and increase your sales with Chameleon Group!

Sales Contact List Development Services

Sales Contact List Development Services

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Does your company need a leads database?

Leads lists offer endless opportunities for broad market engagement and increased sales. Leads lists go by different names, including “sales database,” “contact list,” and others. Leads databases are used by companies to improve sales and marketing efforts.

Every company, no matter its size, should be in the business of growing their leads lists. If your business is not actively acquiring contacts and leads to expand its market and audience, then you’re not experiencing the full amount of growth that is available.

What is Sales Contact List Development?

List development is the process of gathering contacts and consolidating them into a database that can be used for sales and marketing purposes. Many companies buy their leads lists from list developers, some of whom do not have the company’s best interests in mind.

When shopping for a leads list, it’s important to know exactly what you are paying for. Oftentimes, leads lists are mass-produced and the contacts are over-targeted, resulting in very few actual sales. So what goes into an ideal leads database, and how is Chameleon different?

Chameleon Group develops lists with qualified contacts

Chameleon Group is a sales partner that benefits when your sales increase. We build leads lists from the ground up, acquiring contacts who are well worth your company’s time and efforts. We guarantee low costs, while providing your company with lists of highly-qualified prospects.

There are many trickle-down issues that arise from poor list development, and you can save your company time and money by partnering with the experts at Chameleon Group.

  • Increase your return-on-investment with a low cost, high quality list

  • We provide lists with maximum client information, increasing sales likelihood

  • We incorporate targeted product demand estimation into every list

Contact us today to learn more about how we can grow and refine your contact lists!

Inbound Marketing Call Filtering Services

Inbound Marketing Call Filtering Services

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Call filtering saves your company time

In the world of business, time waits for nobody. That’s why it’s so important that each department of your company receives only relevant phone calls. Without accurate call filtering to direct callers to the proper departments, your company loses valuable time talking to unqualified leads. At Chameleon Group, our team of friendly professionals will skillfully direct your calls to the appropriate individuals in your company.

  • Effective reception and gatekeeping to deter solicitors

  • Saving your staff time and energy

  • Skillfully transferring inbound callers to the key personnel in your company

How can my company benefit from Call Filtering Services?

At Chameleon Group, we provide every caller with a personalized, professional calling experience. We are skilled communicators who integrate into your company, learn your products and service departments, and expertly field inbound phone calls. Call filtering services improve your company’s lead-conversion rates, and our friendly staff makes every caller feel valued.

Tired of wasting time talking to unwanted solicitors? Let Chameleon Group handle it. Contact us today to learn more about our inbound marketing call filtering services, or call us at 800-773-9182.

Business Live Chat Response Services

Business Live Chat Response Services

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Does your company website have live chat?

First impressions are everything in the world of business, and live chat response systems are on the cutting edge of consumer interaction.

  • Business live chat response services provide consumers with direct access to a representative, anytime

  • Live chat portals are valuable features for sales-oriented companies

  • Save time by avoiding email correspondence and present a successful and responsive company image

What are the benefits of a live chat response?

Live chat response is a competitive way for your company to expand in inbound marketing. It offers one more strategic way to generate leads, obtain contact information and determine product demand.

  • Establishes your company’s professional image

  • Increases lead conversion through diverse inbound marketing

  • Allows prospects to have immediate, direct connection with any department of your company

Does your company website have live chat?

At Chameleon Group, we benefit when your sales increases. As a sales-centered partner, we offer companies every opportunity to expand their inbound marketing capabilities. Our business live chat response services provide companies with a constant and direct means of customer communication.

By managing your live chat response system, we increase sales by maximizing your company’s communication with potential clients. Our sales experts at Chameleon Group will integrate with your sales department, providing knowledgeable, full-scale management of your live chat response system.

Call Chameleon Group at 800-773-9182 to learn more about our Live Chat Response Services for businesses.

Telemarketing Lead Generation Services

Telemarketing Lead Generation Services

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Chameleon Provides B2B Telemarketing and Lead Generation.

In today’s competitive business environment, sales lead qualification is critical for maintaining an appropriate connection with prospects. As the sales process grows increasingly complex, the art of mining and growing an active pipeline of qualified sales leads has become a vital business asset.

How Does Chameleon Help My Company Generate Leads?

  • Inside sales and telemarketing services. Our optimized telemarketing lead generation services are customized to fit each company’s specific sales needs.


  • Generating B2B leads through telesales and direct marketing. We nurture leads that are not yet sales ready using interactive marketing methods. We manage leads and track progress through comprehensive reporting. We maintain a high level of communication between prospects and salespeople.


  • Cold calling to increase lead acquisition. Whether you’re seeking to complement an existing sales team or outsource telemarketing to gain more leads, Chameleon Group can help. We use effective cold calling techniques that increase market penetration and grow your revenue.


  • Customized telemarketing lead generation. At Chameleon, our telemarketing lead generation is customized to suit your business. We learn your products inside and out, and adapt to your current sales methods.

Call Chameleon Group at 800-773-9182 to learn more about our Telemarketing Lead Generation Services for businesses.

Inbound Marketing Call Center Services

Inbound Marketing Call Center Services

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Are your inbound marketing campaigns as efficient as they should be?

At Chameleon Group, our inbound marketing call center services are the most effective way for a business to experience professional call filtering and sales cycle management. We depend on responsive, reliable, and toll-free reception campaigns that focus on generating leads and sales.

Outbound Call Center Services

Outbound call center services help businesses generate possible leads and acquire customers. Our services allow businesses to upsell in order to improve company sales cycles. Chameleon provides outbound call center services for businesses in the United States and even worldwide.

Worldwide Answering Services

At Chameleon, we utilize worldwide answering and call center services that adapt to your company’s unique sales environment. These services allow our clients to continue their marketing operations without the added responsibility of lead conversion.

By using customized call center services, you can increase your company’s capabilities. You can also use these services to gather detailed client information from inbound calls. This detailed information will help with your sales process. These services also allow your business to conduct a professional product demand estimation through generating leads.

Our inbound marketing call center services can help you generate leads and sales.

If you have questions about inbound marketing or Chameleon Group’s role in Call Center Services, contact us at 800-773-9182 for more information.

Lead Acquisition: B2B Survey and Profiling Tips

Lead Acquisition: B2B Survey and Profiling Tips

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B2B surveys for lead acquisition and contact accuracy

Imagine you’re at work taking a short coffee break one afternoon when someone from a company calls you asking questions about the software you use at work. It’s true of all of us—the last thing we want when we’re busy is to have someone interrupt our day with survey questions.

At Chameleon, we are “hired” by other companies (our clients), and it’s our job to ask questions to update our client’s database, with the ultimate goal of improving our client’s sales pipeline. The last thing we want to do is bother people. So what can we do to make our conversations with people more enjoyable? How can we get our surveys done without sounding like telemarketers? In short: Be polite, be brief, and be conversational rather than acting like an interrogator.

How Chameleon performs lead acquisition and database maintenance

Most of the time, when we make calls we reach the operator first. Some of them tend to ask why we’re calling that person. Instead of telling them that we’re calling to update our database, tell them that we need to speak to a primary user in regards to our licensing usage. Most of the time, the receptionist will feel obligated to send you over to a primary user since your company is one of their vendors. We also recognize that receptionists answer calls all day, and a simple “please” and “thank-you” will show them that we value their job. The more appreciated they feel, the more likely they will help us get to the person we need to talk to.

Tips for making successful survey calls

When you finally get to speak with your prospect, keep it brief. Explain to them that you don’t want to take too much of their time. Keep in mind that as soon as they find out that you’re trying to get information from them, they will be eager to get you off the phone. Keep it simple, and prepare for the questions ahead of time. For example, tell them you’re calling to make sure that you send future information to the right correspondence. This will usually help you get the information you need.

Be conversational! If someone called me with survey questions, I would like to get them off the phone in five seconds. Make sure to let them talk and explain how they’re using the license. Ask what type of issues they run into in their daily work. This way, with the knowledge you have of the programs, you can give some suggestions as to what product your company offers that will help the customers in the future.

Listening to the contact is one of the most important things you can do. By letting them talk, you have a chance to jot down ideas that could lead to the solution they’re looking for. Even if we are making hundreds of calls in a single day at Chameleon, we strive to remain polite, brief, and conversational.


Call Chameleon at (603)-570-4300 to learn more about our List Development & Acquisition Services!

Written by Demi, Chameleon Group