Why is Having a Clean List Important?

Why is Having a Clean List Important?

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This question is an important one, and it’s one that many business owners or DIY marketers don’t usually ask.

The reason many don’t think about the cleanliness of their list is because they’re under the impression that the more contacts you have, the better. Oftentimes, clients have thousands of people in their databases, with minimal information that hasn’t been updated in years. They send mass marketing campaigns to these contacts, and all their energy goes into the campaigns, rather than the targets.

Time passes, and their databases become less and less accurate. Soon enough, their marketing efforts produce a lower ROI. They invest in alternate or better marketing methods. Time, energy, and money are all at work to improve their marketing and sales success, but the ultimate issue is that without a clean list, their messaging is falling on deaf ears.

Contact Lists are a Sales Asset

Think about this: would your company send out a hundred sales people to post up on street corners waiting for people to come to them? This would be an ineffective way of communicating the value of your company to others, because strangers on the street have no connection to the sales person. The same is true of databases.

If your contacts are empty faces in a crowd, rather than targeted, relevant contacts, you’re wasting your sales and marketing energy.

Chameleon Keeps Your Lists Clean

We approach your database with the desired outcome in mind—connectivity with a valuable contact, and an action on their part. That might be opening your email, visiting a link, or contacting your organization. Through our extensive list cleansing process, we help you achieve the most accurate and valuable list possible. Don’t let your sales efforts go to waste! The first step is understanding the value of a thorough and clean list. Contact us to start your free trial.

Global Inside Sales for High-Tech

Global Inside Sales for High-Tech


At Chameleon Group, we applaud innovation. We appreciate opportunities to work alongside technology firms around the world as their inside sales experts. Whether your organization is a software developer or a technology firm, Chameleon’s adaptable sales force uses expansive technology to reach and grow your clientele.

Chameleon’s Global Inside Sales & High Tech

  • Chameleon Group has been working alongside 3D Systems since 2010, wielding our inside sales expertise to enhance their reach.
  • Chameleon has provided event fulfillment for high-tech webinars and live events across the US and the UK. During a period of study, we registered over 4,738 attendees for various events on behalf of our global clients.
  • In another study, our representatives generated over 400 hot leads from inbound and outbound sales calls for high-tech firms.
  • Our inside sales reps become subject matter experts in your organization’s products. Since January of 2015, we have fielded and distributed information for over 2,000 inbound calls specifically for global high-tech companies.

Chameleon Inside Sales Global Capabilities

Chameleon Group’s North America Call Center employs over 50 full time agents. We leverage more than 70 additional agents in Sophia, Bulgaria (Eastern Europe), and Singapore. Our combined sales force speaks more than 25 native languages, allowing for nuanced and expansive sales coverage around the world.

Chameleon Group employs highly trained B2B Technology Agents, and we have extensive experience working with the vendor/business partner community for long term or project based sales efforts. Contact Chameleon Group today, and expand your reach globally!

Flexible Sales Technology for Business in the USA

Flexible Sales Technology for Business in the USA


In a world that’s become less and less interpersonal, with more automated sales and service systems, Chameleon Group strives to create a personable, trustworthy relationships between your sales team and the customers you are looking to serve. With a variety of services offered, Chameleon Group is fully customizable and flexible in order to meet your needs. Chameleon Group offers a variety of customized flexible sales, inbound and outbound telemarketing, and e-commerce services for multi-channel environments. We meet even the most sophisticated customer contact requirements!

Being flexible gives your business a step up against other companies by reaching customers through multiple channels of communication. Chameleon Group offers the flexibility and individual attention that your customers desire.

Chameleon Group & High Tech Companies

Chameleon Group works extensively with high tech companies, meeting and exceeding their needs through. Here are some of the high-tech firms that have benefited from our inside sales services:

  • SolidWorks

  • 3d Systems

  • Alcatel-Lucent

  • Dell

  • Avaya

  • Sonexis

  • Nokia

  • Frontier

  • UniBank

  • Dassault Systems

  • Cox

  • Allot Communications

Flexible Sales Technology for Business

Chameleon Group offers the systems and services to take your business to the next level. No matter how you seek to improve and grow your business, the team at Chameleon is here to serve you. The flexibility and resources available to you through Chameleon give your company unique advantages. Consider where you want to grow, and let the professionals at Chameleon Group help take you there! Contact us today to learn more.

Outsourcing Inside Sales Is a Strategic Move

Outsourcing Inside Sales Is a Strategic Move


Outsourcing inside sales is a strategic move that can help take your sales team to the next level. Trying to figure out the most economic and cost-effective way to drive sales up can be stressful. Do you try to keep sales in-house? Is it a good idea for your company to outsource?

At Chameleon Group, we offer a highly specialized and customizable “off the shelf” skill set that can add value and productivity to your already existing sales force. We can give you that extra boost that will allow your sales team to focus on the other essential areas of your business, like customer retention and long-term customer relationships.

Outsourcing Inside Sales Saves Time

It takes a lot of time to train people on the proper techniques and procedures of inside sales. It’s a skill and an art, and a lot of valuable time can be lost in training new salespeople properly. Cold calling and qualifying the right customers can also eat up significant chunks of time that your inside sales force could be using to build relationships with existing customers. By hiring an outsourced sales team, you’re gaining a “virtual” sales team of professional, already-trained experts in the highly specialized field of inside sales.

Our sales team integrates seamlessly into yours, providing a skilled sales force to help your team be the most effective team it can be. It saves time, frustration and creates more leads that can ultimately lead to a more productive sales team.

Outsourcing Sales Helps The Bottom Line

Hiring and training new inside sales representatives can cost a lot—not just in time, but in the bottom dollar. As the saying goes, “time is money.” Outsourcing your inside sales can be much more cost effective than hiring multiple new sales reps.

With the capacity to reach more people and properly qualify people directly on the phone, you’re using your valuable resources in the most cost-efficient way. Cold calls and lead acquisitions can eat into the profit margin of your company; having an entire time dedicated to doing those tasks well will add up quickly.

Grow Your Sales Force With Inside Sales

Chameleon Group is dedicated to providing professional, well-trained, and highly efficient help to your sales team. We can take your inside sales to the next level together, by adding quality and quantity to your inside sales team. Contact our sales professionals to learn more about the benefits of outsourcing your inside sales, and take your sales team to the next level today!


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What are Some Challenges of Inside Sales?

What are Some Challenges of Inside Sales?


The success of any good sales system comes from identifying challenges and implementing practices that are proven to succeed. Effective sales come from a cycle that remains fluid and adaptable, ever ready to improve upon itself.

At Chameleon Group, we embrace adaptability when it leads to greater sales success on behalf of our clients. The nature of inside sales involves its own specific set of challenges, and today we’re going to talk about what they are, and how we strive to overcome them.

Challenges of Inside Sales

Data Accuracy.

Without proven data on the services and products we sell on behalf of our clients, closing more sales can become challenging. We excel at communicating these needs with clients, and are able to quickly learn and apply informational materials.

Time to Connect.

With every sale comes a relationship that typically involves multiple contacts. For more details on Chameleon Group’s sales times and statistics, take a look at our recent blog.

Market Expansion.

Current, fluid market research is key to successful inside sales efforts. Research on an expanding and fluctuating market provides our experts with the demographics they need to approach the most qualified leads.

Disjointed Inbound/Outbound Sales Efforts.

It’s an excellent thing when both outbound and inbound sales forces are in harmony. While physical distance can pose a challenge, Chameleon Group strives to bridge the gap and connect all sales efforts seamlessly.

Maximizing Field “Face Time.”

A balance must be maintained between cultivating a relationship with a prospect or a current customer, and moving on to the next attempt. We work to maximize customer satisfaction through an appropriate amount of face time before engaging with the next lead.

Expanding Your Organization with Inside Sales

Is your company or organization looking to expand its reach into a global market?

At Chameleon, our inside sales professionals can help you succeed in these efforts. With an international reputation and a global reach, we work to overcome challenges and keep your sales cycle in a constant state of growth and improvement. Contact us today to learn more!

How Does an Inside Sales Force Operate?

How Does an Inside Sales Force Operate?


When it comes to inside sales, few sales teams do things more efficiently than Chameleon Group. In the world of programmatic cold calling, an exchange is often made for quality of sales interactions versus quantity. We adhere to the notion that every call is part of a valuable sales cycle, whether that call is the first attempt or the third.

Each interaction reinforces a connection with your brand. Our personable sales staff is trained in engagement methods as well as your specific

products and services. Our inside sales force provides an immediacy and a constancy that traditional sales teams cannot. Here are a few ways inside sales makes a difference:

  • Not hindered by geographical barriers
  • Can receive centralized product training remotely
  • Can respond immediately to web inquiries and inbound leads

Chameleon Group’s Inside Sales Metrics

Chameleon Group specializes in engaging with your prospects, customers, and leads to expand your sales horizon. By providing the full range of call center services including lead generation, qualification, and follow-up, we increase the capabilities of any sales force. Here are some of Chameleon’s average inside sales metrics:

  • 80-120 outbound calls per person, per day
  • Average talk time-1:19
  • Connect rate-35%

With sales calls come the inevitable “time to answer” rates, hang-ups and abandon rates. Over all, Chameleon’s dedicated staff produces higher than industry average sales interactions on behalf of your company.

Inside Sales Solutions for U.S. Companies

Inside sales is not an either/or option. Chameleon’s inside sales force integrates seamlessly into your existing sales community, complementing your sales efforts rather than replacing them. Your company will benefit most when you understand your current sales model and define your process.

As your comprehensive sales partners, Chameleon Group provides solutions to improve and manage your sales cycle from the inside, out. If you find that your current sales model has not fully adapted to the best industry practices, we can implement the improvements you need to achieve success. Contact Chameleon Group to learn more today!

Sales Partners for a Changing Sales Model

Sales Partners for a Changing Sales Model


The world of sales is changing. Technology has made speed and convenience the most important factors in the sales cycle. As we talked about in our last blog, consumers often do their own research, and they reach out to your company with specific questions before they buy. This doesn’t mean the world of traditional sales is dead; it just needs to adapt.

Inside Sales is the future of sales

Inside Sales Representatives (ISRs) are the present and future of the sales model. Using technology such as live chat, email response systems, and traditional telephone, ISRs can reach consumers on their terms: quickly and conveniently.

Inside Sales Representatives utilize technology to their advantage, and to the advantage of the company. When taking into account travel, expenses, print materials, labor, and time, the average outside sales call costs $308. Compare this to the $50 average for an inside sales call.

Just for fun, here are some more inside sales statistics:

  • 44% of traditional salespeople give up after one follow-up.

  • 80% of sales require 5 follow-ups.

  • 30%-50% of sales go to the vendor who responds first

  • If you respond within 5 minutes, you are 9 times more likely to convert them.


Chameleon’s Inside Sales Force

As you can see, speed, technology and perseverance are everything in the changing sales model. Our Inside Sales teams work for you from a distance. We access your training databases and assimilate into your sales force. We respond to inquiries and we mine the prospect field, converting qualified prospects into leads. Ready to dominate the changing sales model? Contact us today to learn more about our seamless Inside Sales force.

Chameleon Group at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show

Chameleon Group at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show


In case you didn’t know, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a big deal. It’s a massive trade show that displays the latest and greatest in electronic gadgetry, hosted by the Consumer Technology Association. All the big high tech companies take part in the CES: Google, Apple, Microsoft, and more. The Consumer Electronics Show is open to the public and allows companies to showcase the latest high tech prototypes, products, and services on the market.

This year, our very own Dana Lariviere, President and CEO of Chameleon Group, presented at the CES. As a Sales Partner with 3D Systems, Dana presented on the benefits of partnering with an international sales company. What was the message for these high tech firms just bursting with innovation? Simply this: there’s no better way to effectively spread the word about your products than with an experienced, highly connected inside sales partnership.

An Inside Sales Partnership for a Changing Sales Model

In order to understand how you can benefit from an inside sales partnership, you need to understand what’s broken. The sales engagement model is evolving constantly, and has moved beyond traditional face-to-face selling. These days, the sales process is virtual.

  • Customers research and know the product. They don’t need a representative to tell them all about it.
  • 75% of buyers prefer to engage virtually. They complete the majority of the sales cycle on their own, and they reach out digitally for any engagement they need.
  • Inside sales is replacing outside sales. In one Harvard Review Study, nearly half of companies were in the process of updating to exclusively inside sales. When it comes to high tech companies, these numbers nearly double.

Sales Partnership with Chameleon Group

When it comes to sales partnerships, we offer the complete package. With multi-channel engagement and seamless integration, our sales experts engage with prospects on their own playing field. From market research to virtual sales support and lead qualification, Chameleon Group expands your sales capabilities. Bring your sales process into the twenty-first century through a partnership with Chameleon Group. Contact us to get started!

E-mail Response Marketing

E-mail Response Marketing


Custom Inbound Marketing Campaigns

At Chameleon Group, we adapt to your current web response marketing platform, or help you establish a new one. Internet marketing is a strong tool for generating leads, and it’s important for any business to have an active web response platform.

Email Lead Response Management

An outdated or unmanaged web response platform is a waste of assets. How do you know if the recipients of your company’s free offers are qualified leads worth your time? Oftentimes, they’re not.

Chameleon prevents wasted time for your company by providing real time updates and lead scoring, filtering out the unqualified prospects so your sales force can focus on quality leads.

How Can Email Response Marketing Help Your Business?

We provide peace of mind for businesses by fully managing their email response campaigns.

  • Greater lead conversion from free web offers
  • Qualified leads delivered directly to your sales force
  • Receive all the client information necessary to make a sale

We help your sales force operate more efficiently by managing your inbound marketing responses and providing insightful analytics. For more information on email response marketing and our inbound marketing techniques, contact Chameleon Group at 800-773-9182.