B2B Seminar & Webinar Event Telemarketing Services

B2B Seminar & Webinar Event Telemarketing Services

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B2B Seminar & Webinar Telemarketing

Live Seminars and Webinars are powerful tools for delivering key messages to potential customers, usually leading to an increase in sales. But enticing the target senior decision makers to make the time to attend these events can be a challenge.

Customizable Event Telemarketing Services

Chameleon Group’s expert staff specializes in event telemarketing that maximizes attendance. Our event telemarketing services will expand your live and web-based lead-generation programs. We use advanced methods in customized event telemarketing and email programs that are proven to deliver the best results for your business.

Expand Your Company With Our Seminar/Webinar Fulfillment Program

  • Increase your return on investment for live Seminars and Webinars

  • Maximize your attendance to include the best possible prospects

  • Maintain your brand and image through Chameleon’s professional approach

  • Simplify the fulfillment process while reducing the preparation time for an event

  • Close the loop with post-event follow up and lead generation

You give the seminar, we’ll fill the seats!

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Lead Acquisition: B2B Survey and Profiling Tips

Lead Acquisition: B2B Survey and Profiling Tips

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B2B surveys for lead acquisition and contact accuracy

Imagine you’re at work taking a short coffee break one afternoon when someone from a company calls you asking questions about the software you use at work. It’s true of all of us—the last thing we want when we’re busy is to have someone interrupt our day with survey questions.

At Chameleon, we are “hired” by other companies (our clients), and it’s our job to ask questions to update our client’s database, with the ultimate goal of improving our client’s sales pipeline. The last thing we want to do is bother people. So what can we do to make our conversations with people more enjoyable? How can we get our surveys done without sounding like telemarketers? In short: Be polite, be brief, and be conversational rather than acting like an interrogator.

How Chameleon performs lead acquisition and database maintenance

Most of the time, when we make calls we reach the operator first. Some of them tend to ask why we’re calling that person. Instead of telling them that we’re calling to update our database, tell them that we need to speak to a primary user in regards to our licensing usage. Most of the time, the receptionist will feel obligated to send you over to a primary user since your company is one of their vendors. We also recognize that receptionists answer calls all day, and a simple “please” and “thank-you” will show them that we value their job. The more appreciated they feel, the more likely they will help us get to the person we need to talk to.

Tips for making successful survey calls

When you finally get to speak with your prospect, keep it brief. Explain to them that you don’t want to take too much of their time. Keep in mind that as soon as they find out that you’re trying to get information from them, they will be eager to get you off the phone. Keep it simple, and prepare for the questions ahead of time. For example, tell them you’re calling to make sure that you send future information to the right correspondence. This will usually help you get the information you need.

Be conversational! If someone called me with survey questions, I would like to get them off the phone in five seconds. Make sure to let them talk and explain how they’re using the license. Ask what type of issues they run into in their daily work. This way, with the knowledge you have of the programs, you can give some suggestions as to what product your company offers that will help the customers in the future.

Listening to the contact is one of the most important things you can do. By letting them talk, you have a chance to jot down ideas that could lead to the solution they’re looking for. Even if we are making hundreds of calls in a single day at Chameleon, we strive to remain polite, brief, and conversational.


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Written by Demi, Chameleon Group

What’s In Your Sales Database?

What’s In Your Sales Database?

Database & List Solutions Telemarketing

So often,  we hear from companies needing to have a sales database scrubbed. How often have you said or heard, “It’s an old list and we don’t even know if the contacts are correct.”

Today, having and maintaining the correct contacts in your sales database is crucial to the  survival of your business. Whether for lead generation or maintaining a connection with customers, your database is the lifeblood of your business.  Are your sales reps updating and managing the information as needed? If not, the old saying of “garbage in, garbage out” is most likely an unfortunate reality, and one you know too well.

Establishing healthy processes and managing them enables you to accurately measure and monitor progress. A very long time ago when I use to rep on the phone, my boss would tell me, “If it’s not in the database kid, then it never happened.” I lived and breathed that philosophy. Why? Because if I received a Purchase Order, regardless of the dollar amount and I had no documentation, it went to the house account.

Establishing good work habits around managing your sales database is vital to your company. If this isn’t already second-nature internally, we can help.  We know the pain, but we can also fix the problem areas too. The bottom line – How you report on information greatly depends on how that information is documented in your database.

Everybody in the business world understands the importance of business development and gaining new clients. With those new clients comes the ability to endure in a very difficult and volatile market. The big question is. How are you doing that? And if it is not working, do you know why?

So, tell me. What’s in your database?

Event Optimization


The Question: Las Vegas hotels rent extra dumpsters to more than double their waste capacity throughout trade show season. Can you guess what fills those dumpsters?

The Answer: As sad as it may sound, your Company’s marketing material is what is filling those dumpsters… alongside of course millions of other flyers, hand-outs, posters and other promotional materials.

There is a contagion among corporate sales & marketing staff that can eventually cripple an organization. It causes them to lose sight of real opportunities through a constant search for more cold-leads. This tunnel-vision effect is all-too-common in event administration and fulfillment. The following chart shows the sales process in event fulfillment for small-medium sized B2B businesses.


The Scenario: Company A acts as a typical small-medium sized B2B business and hosts a seminar inviting 1000 prospects, of which only 40% are qualified and interested in attending. From the 400, 65% will actually make it to the event. The event now with 260 attendees goes smoothly and Company A is ready for the money to start rolling in.

The unfortunate reality is that despite how much hard work Company A put into the seminar, sales are difficult. Facing a 5% close-rate they close 13 sales for the entire event.

Only 50% of businesses go further than the basic invitation to secure attendance for their seminars and webinars. If Company A were to implement a confirmation of attendance from prospects invited, they would experience a 20% reduction in the prior drop-off rate. With a post-event customized follow-up campaign Company A would experience a 5% reduction in the prior drop-off rate.

The Math:
Typical: 1000*(1-.6)=400, 400(1-.35)=260, 260(1-.95)=13
Enhanced: 1000*(1-.6)=400, 400(1-.15)=340, 340(1-.9)=34

The Takeaway:
With almost three times more sales, it begs the question, how are you managing event optimization?

It takes a scalable sales environment to implement the confirmation and follow-up stages of event-fulfillment. This adaptability is something that Chameleon Group prides itself in, we provide our clients the ability to dynamically ratchet-up or ratchet-down their sales efforts. We are also happy to provide a free consultation on your event lead generation campaigns.

We are happy to include FREE EVENT FOLLOW-UP for any event fulfillment campaign.