With the ChameleonLeads web-based sales and marketing system, you can track leads in real time all the way through the sales cycle –- from demand generation to lead closure. Though a customized dashboard complete with secure customer log-in capability, insightful drop-down menus and numerous data collection options, you can pinpoint where leads are quickly converting into revenue –- and where they’re not –- simplifying your ability to improve future decision-making. The unique and easy-to-use web-based application creates a consolidated knowledgebase of business intelligence and is accessible 24/7 to team members across the enterprise, including call center reps and channel partners.


  • Access a wealth of critical sales tracking information via a customized web portal
  • Gain access at your fingertips to measure lead status / follow up
  • Manage every lead – online and in real-time (24×7)
  • Dynamically assign leads to direct and indirect field
  • Simplify your ability to forecast accurate lead pipeline and sales opportunities
  • Easily prepare standard and/or custom sales and marketing progress reports
  • Automate basic tasks, reducing time-consuming paperwork – shortening the sales cycle
  • Automatically profile customers allowing sales teams to quickly identify the most qualified prospects
  • Capture detailed information for integration into future marketing campaigns
  • Eliminate missed revenue opportunities as a result of poor follow-up on marketing event and program prospects

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