Why is Having a Clean List Important?

Why is Having a Clean List Important?

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This question is an important one, and it’s one that many business owners or DIY marketers don’t usually ask.

The reason many don’t think about the cleanliness of their list is because they’re under the impression that the more contacts you have, the better. Oftentimes, clients have thousands of people in their databases, with minimal information that hasn’t been updated in years. They send mass marketing campaigns to these contacts, and all their energy goes into the campaigns, rather than the targets.

Time passes, and their databases become less and less accurate. Soon enough, their marketing efforts produce a lower ROI. They invest in alternate or better marketing methods. Time, energy, and money are all at work to improve their marketing and sales success, but the ultimate issue is that without a clean list, their messaging is falling on deaf ears.

Contact Lists are a Sales Asset

Think about this: would your company send out a hundred sales people to post up on street corners waiting for people to come to them? This would be an ineffective way of communicating the value of your company to others, because strangers on the street have no connection to the sales person. The same is true of databases.

If your contacts are empty faces in a crowd, rather than targeted, relevant contacts, you’re wasting your sales and marketing energy.

Chameleon Keeps Your Lists Clean

We approach your database with the desired outcome in mind—connectivity with a valuable contact, and an action on their part. That might be opening your email, visiting a link, or contacting your organization. Through our extensive list cleansing process, we help you achieve the most accurate and valuable list possible. Don’t let your sales efforts go to waste! The first step is understanding the value of a thorough and clean list. Contact us to start your free trial.

Cleansing a Sales Call List: Chameleon Group

Cleansing a Sales Call List: Chameleon Group

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Cleansing a sales call list basically involves taking nothing and making it something.

What is the purpose of cleansing a sales call list? In a word–connection. You begin with a standard list. It might be a list of previous customers, website inquiries, or a quick list a business owner compiled from existing resources. Often times, only a single email address is provided. And let me tell you, having a list full of inaccurate contacts can be very frustrating for a sales representative. At Chameleon Group, we strive to make every sales call valuable to our customers.

In nature, chameleons are naturally adaptive to their environments. Unknown contacts, blank email addresses, missing phone numbers, or wrong company names are things we encounter daily–even hourly–at Chameleon. We work around these issues by doing thorough research before we make each cold call. If we don’t find anything in our research, we make the first call attempt. Speaking with a “gatekeeper,” a receptionist or operator, is one of the best strategies for updating information. Gatekeepers usually have a deep knowledge of both the company and the employees. They can usually confirm our current contacts, update us if an employee is no longer with the company, and even offer updated contact information. Getting the “gatekeeper” on your side is very helpful when cleansing a cold call list.

I always find that it is best to be honest about your reason for calling. I usually use the phrases, “We’re making sure our records are up to date;” or, “We don’t want to send information to a contact who is no longer with your company.” Sometimes, the receptionist or the contact will ask where we got their information. In these cases, it helps to be honest as well. Typically, contacts have submitted their information through webinars/seminars, quote requests, or sales inquiries. If you do know how you got their information, let them know. In turn, they will usually be more helpful.

Cleansing a sales call list is important for reconnecting with old customers, gaining new customers, or removing contacts that are no longer relevant. It’s a great feeling when our customers realize that we like to make ourselves available to them. Often times, this simple reconnection with a client will spark them to inquire about other solutions or even ask for a quote. Over time, it becomes apparent that any connection is good connection.

Author: Chelsea, Sales List Cleansing

Database Cleansing: How Clean Are Your Lists?

Database Cleansing: How Clean Are Your Lists?


If you are a small business owner with an e-mail marketing system, you’re doing it right. You probably have contact lists that are unique to different aspects of your business, with fresh and unique content that you send out at regular intervals…or maybe not.

More likely you have vague lists with names like “customer list 4” or “kind of interested customers”. We’ve all done it, there’s no need to pretend otherwise. This randomization can be just fine, as long as there’s a method to your madness.

There’s a good way to tell if your organized chaos is actually just…chaos. How often do you check your bounced e-mails? Are you getting 50 or 60 bounces with every newsletter you send out? If you think about it, that’s 50 or 60 potential customers. People who, at one time, wanted to hear what you had to say. So why are they bouncing, and is it worth your time to investigate? Probably not. But it’s worth our time.

One of our many areas of expertise deals with database cleansing. To put it simply, we turn the lists you have into the lists you want. At the bottom of every bounce is an explanation, whether it’s a name change, misspelling, deleted account, the list goes on…(pun intended). We get you back in touch with your lost leads, among other things.

Another service we offer is list consolidation and organization. Maybe you like the list titled “emails from people at that networking conference”. Then again, maybe you wish you had some more structure to your database, but you don’t have time to manage all your lists while running your business. Maybe you only have time to glance at your open rate so you know whether or not to give your marketing people a swift kick in the pants.

Your contacts are fluid, and they need to be managed on an ongoing basis. We employ maintenance strategies that keep your lists as full, descriptive, and current as possible. By developing comprehensive profiles for each of your clients, we save you time and maximize the benefits of your e-mail marketing.

How does this service work? Good question. First, our experts will either clean one of your small lists or a portion of your primary list. We will then give you a quote based on how many discrepancies we have to fix. This way, you get an estimate on how long the initial cleansing process will take, as well as what the end results look like.

At Chameleon, we adapt our solutions to fit your individual needs. List cleaning is just one shade of our color spectrum. If you know your lists need to be serviced, look no further. Call us at 603-570-4300 or visit our website, http://chameleonsales.com. We look forward to working with you!

Flower Power

Flower Power

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With summer around the corner, it’s a great time to get started with that hobby you’ve set aside for so long – gardening! There are a couple similarities between maintaining a healthy fruitful garden, and maintaining a strong and effective database through data enhancement.


For our fellow green-thumbs out there, this past month has been spent daydreaming about all the vegetables, flowers and herbs you’re going to plant this year. Now, picture that plot of land you’ve set aside every year for your garden. As the building process begins, you have to choose the right area along with the specific plants that you want to harvest and grow, just as a sales manager must choose a CRM capable of fulfilling organizational needs.


You water, weed, prune and provide light for your garden to produce results. Fact of the matter is you cannot be a successful gardener by just doing these things once. Weeds come back and plants need to be methodically watered and provided sunlight. If you want to see results, you are going to have to continually work out the bugs! Every gardener wants a healthy, green and clean garden; just as every sales manager wants a vast array of accurate, sales-ready leads.


As gardens need continual refreshing, databases only stay fresh for so long as well. And as new companies and contacts come into your database from your lead generation activities, they need to be worked through data enhancement before setting them in the flower bed. Whether the company is a wireless operator, consulting agency, data management provider or carrier, they have a place in your garden. Prospects and the contact information change every day. It is not enough to weed out the wrong contacts or unqualified leads and consider the job done. It is getting the right contacts, categorizing their industries, and identifying applicable solutions.


It’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor; you’re most-likely either enjoying the vegetables you grew in a salad or watching the bees as they pollinate your flowers. The garden works for you. When leads are organized and accurate within your database you’re on your way to making great sales. On top of that, finding what you need and being able to rely on what you have is always a good feeling.


When looking at your current database, are you comfortable in saying that there are no weeds?


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What’s In Your Sales Database?

What’s In Your Sales Database?

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So often,  we hear from companies needing to have a sales database scrubbed. How often have you said or heard, “It’s an old list and we don’t even know if the contacts are correct.”

Today, having and maintaining the correct contacts in your sales database is crucial to the  survival of your business. Whether for lead generation or maintaining a connection with customers, your database is the lifeblood of your business.  Are your sales reps updating and managing the information as needed? If not, the old saying of “garbage in, garbage out” is most likely an unfortunate reality, and one you know too well.

Establishing healthy processes and managing them enables you to accurately measure and monitor progress. A very long time ago when I use to rep on the phone, my boss would tell me, “If it’s not in the database kid, then it never happened.” I lived and breathed that philosophy. Why? Because if I received a Purchase Order, regardless of the dollar amount and I had no documentation, it went to the house account.

Establishing good work habits around managing your sales database is vital to your company. If this isn’t already second-nature internally, we can help.  We know the pain, but we can also fix the problem areas too. The bottom line – How you report on information greatly depends on how that information is documented in your database.

Everybody in the business world understands the importance of business development and gaining new clients. With those new clients comes the ability to endure in a very difficult and volatile market. The big question is. How are you doing that? And if it is not working, do you know why?

So, tell me. What’s in your database?