November 13, 2015

Sales Database Cleansing Services

How accurate & complete is your sales leads list?

Sales database cleansing and list maintenance are important for businesses that use any form of leads list database. Too often, phone calls are made, e-mails are sent, and promotional fliers are mailed to current and prospective clients, but never reach their intended audience due to outdated database information.

We assist local and global corporations with our international leads list cleansing services. We work through new or existing lists by using expert survey techniques to clean and enhance your databases.

Included in our services, we include free sample database scrubbing for lists of any size and purpose. We also provide accurate and reliable contact lists for your business.

Sales Database Cleansing Services

Chameleon Group is a highly qualified sales database cleaning company. We ensure that the highest quality data is always available. We use direct contact and survey techniques to cleanse, enhance, and maintain your sales lead database. We meet the needs of your business by consolidating and enhancing your current lists.

We specialize in updating current sales information and tracking down and eliminating old information. These services ensure that the appropriate decision makers are receiving your marketing campaign materials. We also help you avoid list theft and other security issues with our Lockbox Guarantee.

List Maintenance Services

Routine list maintenance is an important practice for any proactive company. Rather than using outdated information from an old database, your sales team should be acting on accurate information from your current and prospective leads. List maintenance ensures that you are using updated information for your contacts, which will make your marketing campaigns more effective.

Contact us at 800-773-9182 for more information about sales database maintenance or to learn more about Chameleon Group’s role in List Cleansing Services.