September 20, 2022

6 B2B Marketing Tech Tools & Technology Solutions We Can’t Live Without

B2B lead generation and marketing already fills your plate with plenty of tasks and nuances to address. The last thing you need is to stress and waste time on inefficient apps and software. You know that the right B2B marketing tech tools in your arsenal could make a world of difference—but how do you know which will work best for your team?

Before selecting the right tech, you need to identify the gaps. Start by assessing: 

After you and your team evaluate your current operations, you will clearly see where and how to improve efficiencies. Then it’s time to put new tools and systems in place, so your employees can get back to doing what they do best.

How We Approach B2B Marketing Tech Choices

At Chameleon, we understand how challenging it can be to find the B2B marketing tech that suits your company and makes things run smoother. The good news is that once you do, it leads to increased productivity, more efficient teams, and higher-quality deliverables. 

Now that we’ve found our favorite marketing tools for B2B brands, we’re excited to share them with YOU!

We’ll cover everything from team communication to lead generation tools, highlighting their coolest capabilities and sharing why we feel they’re the best choices.

1) Slack: Team Communication and Project Collaboration

Communication is crucial in the world of marketing—which is, of course, a team effort. Since the COVID-19 pandemic arose and changed how we do business, effective communication has become more critical than ever.

B2b lead generation marketing tools

Every organization needs a direct messaging app in its B2B marketing tech tools arsenal, and Slack is first on our list. It allows instant communication with individual team members and groups, whether in the same office or working remotely around the world. Our favorite features include: 

From sending a quick question to a colleague to gathering feedback on a project, we’ve found that Slack offers the most robust and intuitive direct messaging platform. It provides everything you need for fun, convenient, and effective collaboration.

2) GoTo: Meetings, Training, Screen Sharing—and More!

It’s hard to remember NOT having to rely on a video meeting and screen sharing platform. Now, it’s essential as a B2B marketing tech tool and for general business use! After trying several apps, we’ve settled on GoTo for its wide-ranging solutions, including:

For seamless collaboration, you can also integrate GoTo tools with other B2B technology solutions, such as HubSpot and Microsoft Office. We love that GoTo offers many tools to aid in employee development, team building, and client support. The platform allows us to deliver high-quality experiences on every front.

3) Vidyard: Simple, Streamlined Screensharing

The Chameleon team often needs to share complex, multistep training videos with employees and clients. Vidyard enables us to do just that with its easy video recording and messaging capabilities.

Vidyard makes it fast and easy it is to create personalized, memorable sales and marketing messages. It even allows you to: 

A woman using B2B marketing tools and technology

B2B marketing trends show that professional prospects desire a personal touch to boost the know, like, trust factor. They take more time to research and want to get to know the human side of your business. For this reason, we love using Vidyard to enhance relationships with team members and customers.

4) Microsoft Office Suite: Tried and True for All Things, Every Day

Chameleon runs on Microsoft Office! We use Outlook for email, Word for all our docs, Excel for reporting, PowerPoint for presentations, and more to conduct our daily business tasks.

Classic and reliable yet still innovative, Microsoft 365 now offers many tools in addition to their good old standbys, such as:

If you want to streamline many of your B2B marketing tools into one platform, Microsoft certainly has the capabilities for it. Just make sure your marketing and sales teams are comfortable with the interface for each app and understand how to maximize them for efficiency.

5) D&B Hoovers: Taking Sales Data to New Heights

D&B Hoovers is a powerful lead generation software we use to accurately locate business leads for clients using data augmentation software. This prospecting tool is specifically designed for B2B companies. It uses strategic targeting to search hundreds of millions of business records, accelerating the sales process.

Bottom line: B2B sales teams can engage qualified leads and convert them to customers MUCH faster! D&B Hoovers can: 

Our favorite thing about this lead generation tool is that it reduces the time sales teams spend searching and qualifying leads and helps boost revenue without sacrificing quality customer interactions. D&B Hoovers equips sales professionals to have genuine, informed conversations and build stronger client relationships.

6) Wrapping Up the List with LeadMaster

Once you’ve chosen a lead gen software, you need a place to send those leads: Enter the customer relationship management (CRM) tool! Our top pick is LeadMaster, which helps manage clients and automate your marketing processes. We’ve found that this CRM is more customizable and intuitive than other solutions we’ve tried. 

LeadMaster’s comprehensive features include: 

One more perk: You can pay only for the features you need and add more in the future as your business grows, sticking to your marketing budget.

A diagram of b2b sales lead generation

Your CRM is one of the most important B2B marketing tools in your tech stack, so be sure to test out a few and ensure they have all the functions you need—and that you won’t be paying for unnecessary apps.

Final Thoughts on B2B Marketing Tech Tools of the Trade

After years of trying various B2B marketing tools, we’ve found what works best for us at Chameleon. To recap:

While it takes some time and effort to find the best solutions for your team, finding the ideal combination can be pivotal to your company’s success now and in the future
If you’d rather outsource inside sales with an experienced partner who already has the right tools in place, contact Chameleon for a free assessment. We’ll happily walk you through how your sales team can benefit from our many skills and capabilities!

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