Telesales & Telemarketing Services

Bringing your revenue to the next level and surpassing your competition means expertly identifying the most qualified, buy-ready opportunities in your market.

In today’s competitive business environment, sales lead qualification is critical for maintaining a meaningful connection with prospects. As the sales process grows increasingly complex, the art of mining and growing an active pipeline of qualified sales leads has become a vital business asset!

  • Expert lead targeting & sales strategies to keep businesses growing competitively
  • Precision lead qualification ensures efficiency and relevancy in each sales call
  • Qualify leads through targeted conversations with the right contacts at optimal times

Our telemarketing and lead generation services are customized to fit each company’s specific sales needs.

At Chameleon Group, our guarantee is to go beyond standard telemarketing and lead generation practices. Tireless analysis of our results and up-to-the-minute sales practice training are how we keep our sophisticated sales teams sharp and competitive.

Through strategic targeting and customized programs, we guarantee businesses a higher return on their investment.

We perform high-volume, programmatic cold calling to increase both lead acquisition and sales. Whether you are seeking to complement an existing sales team or outsource telemarketing for greater lead acquisition, Chameleon Group provides the responsiveness and insight your team needs.

  • Proven and effective cold calling techniques that increase market penetration and revenue
  • Lead acquisition services to complement or adapt to any existing sales team

At Chameleon, we help companies generate B2B leads with methodical, professional outreach through telesales and other forms of direct marketing.

Extend your company’s existing capabilities across the nation or the world. Through telemarketing that fully adapts to your business, products and goals, we ensure quality lead generation to expand any business.

  • Nurturing leads that are not yet sales ready using interactive marketing methods
  • Managing leads and tracking progress through comprehensive reporting and analysis
  • Maintaining a high level of communication between both prospects and salespeople

At Chameleon, our telemarketing lead generation is customized to suit your business. We learn your products and prospects inside and out, adapting to your current sales methods through customized telemarketing and lead generation.

  • Adaptable lead generation and sales resources for any business
  • Provide instant follow-up on inbound marketing responses
  • Augment existing prospect lists or implement entirely new lists

Connecting with people at the right time with professional appointment setting is crucial to any sales-oriented business. Chameleon Group couples appointment setting with lead generation.

Whether targeting new or existing clients, Chameleon’s telemarketing appointment setting solutions will ensure that your sales team is reaching key-decision makers in your target demographic.

At Chameleon Group, we approach appointment setting with the goal of quick, detailed follow-up that leads to sales. Our representatives gather extensive lead information so your sales team is fully prepared.

  • Highly-customized telemarketing campaigns
  • Extend your sales opportunities with qualified prospects at their convenience
  • Convert leads into sales with a customized targeting approach

Live seminars and webinars are powerful tools for delivering key messages to prospects, potentially leading to an increase in sales. But enticing the target senior decision makers to make the time to attend these events can be challenging. Event fulfillment support can make all the difference in your event success.

Chameleon Group’s expert staff specializes in event telemarketing that maximizes attendance at your seminars or webinars. Our event fulfillment telemarketing services will expand your live and web-based lead generation programs and grow your presence in the market place. Combining event fulfillment with effective post-event follow up will finally pay off!

Experience total event fulfillment and management and establish your presence in the market place.

We use advanced methods in customized event telemarketing and email programs that are proven to deliver the best results for your business. Partner with Chameleon Group for the best results. It is a lot of work to plan a seminar or webinar.

Your seminar prep time is expensive. Get better ROI!

  • Increase your return on investment for live Seminars and Webinars
  • Maximize your attendance to include the best possible prospects
  • Maintain your brand and image through Chameleon’s seamless representation of your business message
  • Simplify the fulfillment process while reducing the preparation time for an event with Chameleon as a dedicated resource
  • Close the loop with post-event follow up and lead generation

When a company develops a new product or service, the natural next step is to make it available to the public. But how does a company know who needs the service, or how many people want the product? How do they determine the interest level, target audience, and price index? These are all vital areas of market research.

At Chameleon Group, our Market Researchers analyze data from all fronts to determine the best course of action for your company’s new service or product. We look at past, current, and future sales patterns in your industry.

We take everything into consideration including the following:

  • Your past and current customer base and target audiences
  • Customer purchase histories
  • Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction over time
  • Your company’s current size and projected growth
  • Industry futures and cutting-edge market trends

The final product is a highly competitive sales strategy designed to promote the utmost success in your new business endeavor

Accurate market research data is critical for many reasons. High-quality sales intelligence, including customer surveys and market analytic research, provides your company with key information for making future decisions.

  • Identifying market acceptance for new products and services
  • Determining the best possible marketing techniques for future sales
  • Improving your quality of service and customer satisfaction

Market research ensures that your company develops an informed and successful business strategy. Our Market Research services are customizable for any industry. Contact Chameleon Group today to learn more!

You Don't Have To Take Our Word For It

"Wonderful Experience"

I have worked with Chameleon Group for a few years and it has always been a wonderful experience. We have had multiple programs and projects where they were able to meet our needs and deliver qualified leads quickly. 

"Successful Working Relationship"

From day 1 it has been a very successful working relationship, and we have always been very satisfied with the results

"Expertise and Market Knowledge"

There is no doubt that a lot of our recent success has been greatly helped by Chameleon’s expertise and market knowledge and we expect to be working with them for many years to come.

"Consistent Results"

The team at Chameleon Group are fantastic to work with. Fast responses, competitive rates and consistent results through multiple engagements over the years. I can't recommend them highly enough!


The team's commitment and efforts lead to active engagements with our customers and prospects, resulting in an assessment of market demand, a growing sales funnel, and leading to new customers and deals.

"Valuable Asset"

The Chameleon team's ability to quickly pivot to support our program objectives has been a valuable asset in achieving our targets.

"Professional & Friendly"

We work closely with the Chameleon team, always enjoying a professional but also friendly working relationship.  We have found them to be dedicated, reliable, creative, very well organized and a lot of fun.

"Leads & sales Activities"

Our company has worked with Chameleon for several years, during which they have been our principal source of leads and sales activities in the US market.

"Always Delivered"

The return on investment is a key metric for any sales program, and Chameleon has always delivered and exceeded results, helping grow the business year over year.

"Pride and Responsibility"

Geoff, Deb, Jean, Vinny, Dana, and everyone else at Chameleon have shown pride and responsibility in their work. Chameleon is a very valued business partner, and the team has always been willing to go above and beyond to help and support us at every step.

"Generate Leads" 

When we had to rapidly quantify demand and generate leads for a newly launched product, Chameleon Group took on the challenge of quickly learning about the capabilities and value for our customers. 

  1. Lead generation – Identifying potential leads through various methods
  2. Lead qualification – Determining the budget and capabilities of the lead
  3. Demonstrate the value – Portraying products/services in a way that fills their needs
  4. Managing opposition – Navigating their objections and guiding their decision
  5. Closing and support –  Finalizing the sale and establishing a supportive relationship
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