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Harvesting Gratitude: A Thanksgiving Tribute of Customer and Employee Appreciation

November 25, 2023

With the Holiday Season approaching, gratitude is in the air! And at Chameleon Group, we’re focusing specifically on client and employee appreciation this week. On that note, we’d like to wish our customers and team a happy Thanksgiving. Creating an inclusive company culture is always at the forefront of our business.... Read More
Save Time and Avoid Service Interruptions: Outsource Your Contract Renewal Management

November 21, 2023

The end of the year is creeping up, which means contract renewal season is upon us! Unfortunately, contract renewals can be accidentally forgotten and procrastinated upon if they’re not properly tracked.  Neglecting contracts can lead to:  Read More
How Can a Call Center for Business Help Your Marketing Agency?

October 25, 2023

As a marketing agency leader, you’ve probably heard of various ways to use a call center for business—but have you considered how it could support your agency itself? You can hire an outsourced call center to “white label” their client services. This simply means you rebrand their services as your own. Fortunately, an... Read More
The Dangers of Relying Too Heavily Upon AI Tools for Sales & Business (And What to Leverage Instead)

October 12, 2023

We’ve shared some of our thoughts about using artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of chatbots and replacing the human element in customer service. However, this is not to say we’re entirely opposed to using AI tools for business. At Chameleon Group, we simply believe that AI is a tool, not the solution. Read More
Something to Celebrate: September is National Recovery Month!

September 12, 2023

Did you know September is National Recovery Month? As a Recovery Friendly Workplace, Chameleon Group would be remiss to pass up this opportunity to highlight something we are so passionate about. National Recovery Month began in 1989 and, according to the Read More
Fortune Magazine Dubs the Chameleon Group “The Birthplace of a Workplace Revolution”

September 1, 2023

Chameleon Group is honored to have recently been featured in a Fortune article for our role as a New Hampshire recovery-friendly workplace! During his interview, founder Dana Lariviere shared our story, and discussed how he shifted Chameleon’s corporate culture and the workplace wellness program ideas that have worked... Read More
What Summertime Slump? The B2B Combat Guide to Overcome Seasonality in Business

August 18, 2023

Every business looks different during the summer. While it’s common for many to slow down at this time of year, others get busier. Either way, it can be a tricky season to get through, which is why preparing for seasonality in business is vital! There is something about the warm weather that has a ripple effect. You m... Read More
Outbound Lead Generation Strategies You Can Start Today

August 9, 2023

In the fiercely competitive sales and marketing landscape, generating a steady stream of high-quality leads is paramount to success. This is where outbound lead generation strategies come into play, fueling company growth and prosperity.  But what exactly is outbound lead generation, and why is it critical to you... Read More
Multilingual Call Center Benefits: A Competitive Advantage for Your Business

July 25, 2023

So, you’re shopping for a call center to support your internal team. But have you been keeping an eye out for a multilingual call center?  This may not be the first thing that comes to mind as you search for an outsourced call center, but it is much more important than you might think! Partnering with a multiling... Read More
What Are Inbound Call Services? Do You Really Know?

July 14, 2023

When you consider an outsourced call center, you probably imagine outbound activity. But did you know that some call centers also provide inbound call services?  Outbound focuses on lead generation and refers to agents making outgoing calls to your prospects. Inbound, on the other hand, refers to who answers your... Read More
The Secret Behind Planning Corporate Events—Without Chaos

June 23, 2023

When planning corporate events such as trade shows and seminars, are you considering your return on investment (ROI)? How are you managing and maximizing it? Exhibiting and presenting at these events can be valuable business growth strategies. But they’re also costly and time-consuming. From marketing and advertising ... Read More
Backup Call Center 101: How Can Their Services Help Your Business Continuity Plan?

June 8, 2023

What does your company do in the event of an emergency or even an anticipated event that leaves your business needing coverage? Do you have a business continuity plan in place with crucial elements like a backup call center to keep things running? If you’re wondering what a continuity plan is and how to create it, cha... Read More
CRM Cleanup Checklist: What Is Data Cleansing and Why Is It Important?

May 16, 2023

Perhaps your company has collected prospect and client contact information well, and you’ve amassed a lengthy contact list. It might feel fantastic to look at such a long list of names, but is it as healthy as it is long? How can you ensure those contacts are still accurate and qualified? Read More
3 Little-Known Benefits of Outsourcing Your Appointment Setting Services

May 2, 2023

Is your sales team handling their own appointment setting? You might think this is best. After all, why pay for appointment setting services when it’s a simple task your reps can manage themselves? There’s a reason (a few, actually!) that high-quality outsourced call centers offer both appointment setting and lead gen... Read More
Washington DC Expert Panel: Welcoming Dana Lariviere to Discuss Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiatives

April 18, 2023

The effects of the opioid crisis in the workplace are still a constant burden in today’s workplace and governments, professional institutions and businesses alike agree that they need to be addressed. Untreated addiction costs New Hampshire's economy Read More
Got Contract Renewals? Three Crucial Tips for Top-Notch Contract Management

April 6, 2023

When considering business growth strategies, the first question many ask is, How can we get new clients?  But have you calculated your company’s cost of new client acquisition versus client retention? Research has found that: Acqu... Read More
3 Business Challenges That Inbound Call Centers Can Solve

March 22, 2023

There is more to B2B lead generation than outbound sales! Strategic and effective inbound call centers provide services that are essential to retaining happy customers and generating more revenue in every industry.  However, companies often Read More
Should You Consider Artificial Intelligence for Customer Experience Improvement?

March 9, 2023

You have undoubtedly heard about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it will impact many business areas. Perhaps you’ve even researched artificial intelligence for customer experience. But before you go down that path, consider how AI could positively or negatively impact your B2B customer strategy. In a world strivi... Read More
3 Key Ways Call Center Services Enhance Customer Experience—At All Touchpoints

February 22, 2023

Have you been considering investing in call center services? You may be debating between outsourcing customer support, automated tools, and simply keeping these tasks in-house. As you contemplate your decision, ask yourself: What do high-quality follow-through and customer support look like?  Try to recall your b... Read More
Outsourced Call Centers: A Major Player in Harnessing the Power of Lead Follow-Up

February 13, 2023

When was the last time you evaluated your lead generation process—specifically, your lead follow-up? If it’s been a while since you’ve reviewed your sales strategies, it may be time to ask some crucial questions, such as:  Is your lead follow-up system actually a system, or is it a ... Read More
Is a Career in Sales Right for You? The Answer Might Surprise You!

January 17, 2023

What do you see when you envision a career in sales and the traits required to be a skilled salesperson?  Probably someone charismatic, quick-thinking, articulate, and engaging. And maybe you’ve got all that in the bag!  You may wonder how much experience ... Read More
An Unexpected Career in Sales and Marketing: Our Interview With Geoff Booker, Director of Sales

January 11, 2023

Whether you’re fresh out of high school and starting your career or shifting gears from a different field, a career in sales and marketing can be an excellent opportunity for those with a wide range of backgrounds. And contrary to popular belief, that applies even to job seekers on the shy and quiet side! Plus, workin... Read More
Mythbusting 4 Reasons Businesses Think They Don’t Need to Outsource Sales

December 22, 2022

As a savvy business leader, you understand that sales only close when a seller and buyer see eye-to-eye on the value of the service or product being offered. It’s about building value and creating an effortless experience for your clients. After all, no one wants to feel like they’re just being sold to! You must also ... Read More
What Do Workplace Addiction Recovery Programs Look Like? Our Interview With SOS Recovery Community Organization

December 6, 2022

As an employer looking to be more inclusive and grow your team, you may wonder how workplace addiction recovery programs work. Since we are so passionate about this area here at Chameleon Group, we decided to share our experiences with other like-minded employers. Of course, much of our program’s success has been than... Read More
How We Help Leverage New Technology for Small Business Startups (Our Top 3 Picks!)

November 30, 2022

At Chameleon, we are all about creating a smooth, efficient experience for our team members and clients—which is why we constantly emphasize the importance of technology for small business success! Perhaps that’s why small business startups rely on tech more and more with every passing year. They understand that they ... Read More
Considering Charitable Giving? 4 of Our Favorite Charities in New Hampshire (And Surrounding Areas)

November 8, 2022

As the holidays approach, we’ve got giving back on the mind here at Chameleon Group! We thought it the perfect time to spread the spirit of giving with fellow caring businesses. We're sharing four of our favorite charities in New Hampshire that we’ll be supporting this season.  The best part is that companies can... Read More
Why is Corporate Culture Important? Check Out Our Employee Poll and See!

October 18, 2022

At Chameleon Group, we are proactive about creating a positive company culture by focusing on work-life balance. So, why is corporate culture important? We’ve seen firsthand the fantastic outcomes of prioritizing our employees and workplace environment.  An organization’s culture centers on its values, beliefs, e... Read More
One of the Best Places to Work in New Hampshire: Our Interview With Deb Clark, VP of Sales & Ops

October 4, 2022

Is Chameleon Group one of the best places to work in New Hampshire? We’d like to think so! Our passionate team strives for an unbeatable, employee-centric culture. We understand that to get the best talent, it’s up to us to create the best workplace. That’s why we channel our efforts into being a Read More
6 B2B Marketing Tech Tools & Technology Solutions We Can’t Live Without

September 20, 2022

B2B lead generation and marketing already fills your plate with plenty of tasks and nuances to address. The last thing you need is to stress and waste time on inefficient apps and software. You know that the right B2B marketing tech tools in your arsenal could make a world of difference—but how do you know which will work best for your team? ... Read More
B2B Lead Generation: How a Holistic Approach Can Boost Sales

September 7, 2022

One of the most powerful B2B lead generation strategies is one that’s integrated into a thoughtful holistic marketing strategy. Individual channels like social media, email marketing, and your website won’t be effective if every campaign and piece of content is created in a silo. (Read that again.) In... Read More
What Makes Chameleon Group a Success? (Who We Are Behind the Scenes)

August 16, 2022

Many companies struggle to maintain employee retention, satisfaction, and loyalty as people realize they don’t want to live to work but the other way around. At Chameleon Group, we understand—we are always searching for talented people to add to our team.  A few years ago, we considered business growth strategies that would... Read More
Business Growth Strategies: Focusing on Addiction Recovery in the Workplace

August 2, 2022

As the Great Resignation continues, it’s abundantly clear that recruiting and retaining talent is one of the biggest challenges employers face. What unique business growth strategies can organizations use? At Chameleon Group, we’ve found that focusing on addiction recovery has helped us find and support good people who are ready to work toward a fresh start. According to  Read More
The Consumer Decision-Making and Buying Process – Part 2

June 22, 2022

In our previous blog, we introduced the five stages consumers move through as they make their purchase decisions. The five stages were generally intended for individual consumers. However, it is important to consider the decision-making process in Read More
The Consumer Decision-Making and Buying Process – Part 1

June 8, 2022

The business world is attempting mightily to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and now record inflation is hitting consumers – individual and business – in the wallet. This means that consumers must be more informed and enticed by products and services. Just because a product is on a shelf, doesn’t mean it will sell. Custom... Read More
Advantages of Outsourcing Inside Sales

May 2, 2022

In our last blog, we discussed the challenges of developing insides sales systems. If your organization is leery of trying to set up your own inside sales system, we will discuss some advantages of outsourcing inside sales because in today’s Read More
Inside Sales System

March 30, 2022

The success of any good inside sales system comes from identifying challenges and implementing proven successful practices. Effective sales come from a cycle that remains fluid and adaptable. At Chameleon Group, we embrace adaptability as it leads to greater sales success on behalf of our clients. The nature of inside sales involves its own specific set of challenges. Here are some challenges ... Read More
Lead Generation

February 25, 2022

A core part of any sales or business development plan is lead generation. Lead generation is process of finding qualified leads with potential of becoming customers. Getting this system into place takes money and, equally important, time. To establish a successful lead generation system, you’l... Read More
Qualify and Research Your Sales Contacts

February 18, 2022

In the past, we have discussed list cleansing and enhancement. We’ve espoused the importance of these processes. But now, let’s talk a little about how these processes work: how do you qualify and research your sales contacts. No Name, ... Read More
Reflection on the Future of Work

December 23, 2021

In 2018, we wrote about the future of work. Unsurprisingly, many of the same principles we discussed then can be applied to the tumultuous work environments of 2021 and 2022. Whether it is the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic or a continuation of a workplace paradigm shift, these are today’s truths. This is our refl... Read More
List Cleansing for 2022

December 8, 2021

The holiday season has commenced, and the turn of the calendar is quickly approaching. We have written extensively about the importance of list cleansing and list enhancement. This is the annual call to action to cleanse your emai... Read More
Commitment to Mental Health

September 29, 2021

Recently we publicly acknowledged our commitment to mental health. Chameleon Group recognizes that employees’ health extends beyond the physical. Mental health is a crucial part of both professional and personal development. We joined our friends at the Dover Mental ... Read More
Customer Experience Management – CXM

August 23, 2021

In previous blogs, we covered an overview of CRM and CXM as well as an in-depth review of CRM Customer Experience Management. In this post, we will take a more detailed look at customer experience management, available CXM ... Read More
Customer Relationship Management – CRM

July 29, 2021

In our last post, we discussed an overview of customer relationship management and customer experience management. In this post, we will take a more detailed look at customer relationship management, available tools, and metrics associated with CRM. Customer relationship management is the Read More
Connect With Customers – CRM and CXM

July 13, 2021

Advancements in technology over the last five years has brought to market a variety of tools to connect with customers.  The ease with which business owners can connect with their customers before, during, and after the sales process has never been easier or more convenient. Along with that advancement in technology has come an expectation that business owners understand and respond to the... Read More
Market Research

April 30, 2021

Making better decisions means getting your hands on helpful and accurate information. Better decisions lead to less risk and faster results. Does that sound like a good idea? We think so, too. Market research ensures that your company develops an informed and successful business strategy. When a company develops a new product or service, the natural next step is to make it available to the pub... Read More
Video Conferencing in 2021

March 31, 2021

Recent articles got us thinking about how the future of video conferencing will impact business. No one would argue that the COVID-19 pandemic has left an indelible mark how business will be conducted in the future.  There is a sense of fatigue when it comes to the barrage of video meetings – their constant and possible overuse. So, with that in mind, what can business leaders do to change... Read More
Marketing Mindset

February 28, 2021

We recently shared a post about the role marketing plays during difficult and uncertain times. The last 12 months would certainly qualify as such. One of the messages was the concept of changing your marketing mindset from selling products and services to providing help. This marketing mindset change involves a mark... Read More
Digital Feedback

January 29, 2021

Over the last 12 months, businesses have rapidly adapted to a more digital business environment.  While this is mostly because of the ongoing pandemic, it is also because that is where customers go to find what they need.  Because of the deep dependence on the internet and social media, your digital fingerprint is important to your success and having digital feedback is a great way to... Read More
Recovery Friendly Workplace Update

December 30, 2020

The Chameleon Group is, and has been, a long-time partner and advocate for Recovery Friendly Workplace, an initiative led by New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu.  This initiative provides resources and support to businesses to support em... Read More
List Cleansing in 2020

November 24, 2020

The last eight months have transformed the business landscape.  Over ten million workers have lost their job and more may soon find themselves unemployed.  The impact of COVID-19 has not only impacted the lives of people who have lost their job, it impacts your organization’s email and contact distribution list.  Howev... Read More
Person-Job Fit

November 4, 2020

In our last article we discussed the theory of Person-Organization Fit as it applied to finding the ‘right’ candidate for your organization.  Person-Organization Fit explores the compatibility between an organization and potential candidates’ values, needs and demands.  However, Person-Job Fit focuses primarily... Read More
Person-Organization Fit

October 6, 2020

In previous articles, we shared our thoughts on where to find employees and how to find them. However, we have not touched on understanding how the right person fits into your organization.  Hiring is one of the most challenging proces... Read More
Wellbeing During A Pandemic

August 31, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact jobs and economies around the world, but what might be understated is the toll it has taken on the physical and mental Read More
Open To Work

July 29, 2020

The current COVID-19 pandemic has left over 30 million Americans without a job.  Jobless claims have bounced around over the last four months as the pandemic ebbs and flows in various stat... Read More
Business Networking

June 30, 2020

Networking is a concept that business owners struggle to build or develop.  Most people have a network of some kind whether it is friends from college, friends from their child’s extracurricular activities, or friends from their own interest groups.  However, not all business owners know or understand the importance of networking in their professional lives.  The Read More
Internet in the Remote Working Environment

May 31, 2020

Chameleon Group would like to thank our followers and readers for the support of our last blog.  We received a lot of support on how we prepared and implemented change within our business.  We plan on bringing our staff back into the office at some point in the near future, but we recognize that some busi... Read More
Communication in Times of Crisis

April 15, 2020

I never thought we’d be able to adapt. This was what our Inside Sales Manager, Geoff Booker, thought when the global COVID-19 pandemic business interruption guidelines hit our home state of New Hampshire. Paradigm Shift Our business blog is usually focused on topics that can help you drive your business. Posts consist of useful articles and commentary on how ... Read More
Work from Home

March 29, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly changing the way many people around the globe work.  Especially here in the United States as local governments are issuing shelter-in-place orders and the closing non-essential businesses.  These orders are moving people out of the corporate office and into the home office.  There are many challenges that accompany this shift.  Working at the... Read More

February 28, 2020

Small businesses have big dreams. These dreams face financial realities that can hinder growth and stall innovation. In the early years, business growth relies heavily on the business owner to develop those critical relationships with clients. Because of this, the business owner, you, must find ways to free up your time, or your business will not grow. This means freeing up capital in order to ... Read More
What To Look For In A Mentor

February 2, 2020

In the final blog in the three-part series exploring mentoring, this blog explores what to look for in a business/corporate mentor.  We explored the differences in coaching and mentoring in Part 1.  We examined the benefits and best practices to guide the establishment of a mentorship program in Part 2.  This blog may help you recognize the actions and characteristics to look for... Read More
Business Mentor

December 24, 2019

In our last blog we introduced the topic of mentoring, its similarities/differences to coaching, and when it is best to use each concept.  There are two sides to furthering mentoring in the work place.  The first perspective is ‘why you should implement a business mentorship program’ and the other is ‘what do I look for in a business mentor’? This blog will explore why or how you sho... Read More
What is Mentoring

November 25, 2019

Over the next several blogs we will dive into the concept of mentoring, but more specifically its role in business.  The first part is to gain a basic understanding of this topic and how it differs from coaching. Mentoring takes a variety of shapes and forms.  It happens at all levels and stages of your personal and professional life.  The University of Read More
Hiring the Right People at the Right Time

October 31, 2019

Every hiring manager has a mental stack of hiring mistakes.  These are people that we brought on board that didn’t fit the culture, didn’t understand the brand, or couldn’t invest in the position.  These hiring challenges force us to reevaluate our hiring protocols.  Here are a couple thoughts to consider when evaluating your hiring practices: Applicant Tracking Software... Read More
Vision Quest

October 8, 2019

The process of owning, operating, and growing a business can be a daunting task.  Regardless of whether your business has one employee or 100 employees, charting the course for your operation is an important undertaking.  Developing or defining your organization’s mission and vision statements help set your policies, decision-making, and Read More
Prospect Profiling

September 25, 2019

Prospect Profiling- Good Idea or Bad Idea What is prospect profiling? There is a lot to be said about profiling these days, especially in the news. Biases, known ... Read More
We Live Chat, Do You?

September 6, 2019

The back to school season got us thinking about what it was like to get back to school after a long summer off.  Some of us are experienced enough to remember days of the overhead projector and some of us don’t remember what it was like before the use of PowerPoint. It doesn’t matter if you were headed back to college or university or if you were headed back to 5th grade there w... Read More
Business Writing Skills are Important

August 26, 2019

Writing takes all forms. You may think of writing as novels, screenplays, and poetry, but in the business world, writing is a skill and an art. Depending on your industry, you may be required to produce white papers, press releases, manuals, business contracts, or articles for print. All of us handle email, resumes, and cover letters. Why are busine... Read More
Team Building Part 2 – You Second

July 27, 2019

Review Last month, we briefly touched on some team building basics and how a leader emotionally invests in their teams.  In Part 2, we will look at how aspects of Servant Leadership help form deeper bonds between your team and organization. Servant Leadership While the idea of servant leadership is not new, the term Read More
Team Building Part 1 – Investment

June 25, 2019

Team Building - Leader Investment Team building is one of the most crucial elements of maintaining an effective and efficient organization.  Managers spend large chunks of time attempting to form and build their teams.  One of the of... Read More
Begin to Win, Part III

June 7, 2019

Win/Win Negotiation vs. Positional Bargaining Unless you are a professional negotiator for a large firm or the government, you probably have not had much training in negotiation tactics. Successful negotiation is a skill, and an art. What most people think is a successful resolution in negotiation is up for discussion. Positional bargaining tells us that each party tak... Read More
Begin to Win, Part II in Win/Win Negotiation vs. Positional Bargaining

May 20, 2019

Part II in the Series: Win/Win Negotiation vs. Positional Bargaining During negotiations, participants function under a set of assumptions. These assumptions are around the participants, what they want, the position of the other party, and how the scenario will likely play out. A costly mistake often made is assuming that both parties want the exact same thing. This is almost never the... Read More
Begin to Win, Part I in Win/Win Negotiation vs. Positional Bargaining

April 30, 2019

Part I in the Series: Win/Win Negotiation vs. Positional Bargaining While not every person is required to participate in high stakes negotiation, there are times in every person’s life when knowing how to ask for what one wants is valuable. Large corporations, attorneys, and governments deal in negotiations, sometimes under extreme pressures, on a regula... Read More
Spring “Fever”: Seasonal Sickness in the Workplace

March 4, 2019

As you may already know, this has been one of the worst years in recent history for the common cold and the flu. Germs are relentless in the winter. With a lack of fresh air and sunshine, your employees and their families stand little a chance defending themselves against the inevi... Read More
Asking for Online Reviews

January 22, 2019

It is widely known that getting online reviews can help your business. Your client’s comments about your business on review sites can make or break you. These reviews will show up whether or not you have requested them. Requesting reviews from your satisfied customers is part of a proactive marketing plan. Read More
Make the Best Impression with a Call Center Service

December 30, 2018

No one likes to waste time. This includes your customers and prospects who are trying to locate the correct person or department in your organization. Getting them to the correct person quickly is one of the most effective ways to improve your customer service and improve sales. Why use a Call Center Service? Before you decide that your company is not a good fit for a Call Center servi... Read More
Using Live Chat to Improve Your Customer Experience and Increase Sales

December 12, 2018

Benefits of Using Live Chat on Your Website Finding communication tools that are helpful and not harmful is a daunting task for the small business owner. Live chat has received Read More
Taking Care of Key Employees

November 10, 2018

Turnover. It happens. Staff can come and go with normal attrition, and sometimes will leave because of an internal issue, theirs or yours. But when your key employees- those who stick with you through thick and thin, who are happy to take on projects, sit in on planning, give valuable feedback, have a big picture view of your business- decide to leave it can have... Read More
How Do You Handle Bullying in the Workplace?

October 28, 2018

If you think that bullying, also known as workplace harassment, doesn’t exist in your business, you are fooling yourself. Businesses of all sizes experience varying scenarios of workplace harassment. How can you recognize it and what do you do when it happens on your watch? What does harassment look like? Read More
Preparing for Budget Season for a Service Based Business

October 9, 2018

The Most (Least?) Wonderful Time of the Year Besides giving performance reviews, preparing for budget season is the least favorite task of small business owners and managers. Tracking purchases all year and constantly checking budgets and expenses is a formidable task for even the most organized among us. It can be time consuming and cause overwhelm. Budget season is like Christmas. I... Read More
Why Back to School Means Back to Business

September 16, 2018

Here we are again, back to school time. School buses, backpacks, early bedtimes. Most of us either see this time of year as sad or joyous based on how our summer vacation went. For some, those school days are long gone as kids turn into adults or go off to college. Professionals without kids can also recall those chilly mornings  from their own childhood waiting for the bus or walking to a... Read More
The Needs of Today’s Workforce

August 22, 2018

The Same Yet Completely Different A major mistake employers make is to try to understand what makes people different. Spending resources on trying to make people understand those differences can be costing you a lot of money. Instead, focus on what people have in common. Today's workforce can be characterized by dichotomy: Old and young Loyal and... Read More
Do You Know What a Good Sales Person Looks Like?

August 7, 2018

Identifying a good sales person may be harder than you think. To the inexperienced business owner, hiring a sales person may seem like an easy task. People who possess that natural ability to talk to others, have a friendly and positive disposition, and retain a large network of colleagues seem to fit what you might think is a solid profile for success. ... Read More
Allbound Marketing, Inbound Marketing, or Outbound Marketing

July 14, 2018

What is Allbound Marketing? For decades, outbound sales was the primary source of bringing leads into an organization. Traditional advertising methods coupled with cold calling or prospecting at trade shows or business events, brought in sales through your sales team. Time was spent reaching out to people and educating them on your products and services before a sale c... Read More
How Market Research Determines New Product Success

June 15, 2018

You have invested countless hours into building your business. Things are going well. You have connected with the right clients, your sales force is humming along, and you have figured out your sweet spot for your products and services. Congratulations! It is time to ask yourself: Am I providing a product or service that ne... Read More
Personal Brand of a Company Leader

May 1, 2018

The Power of You You’ve built a business, spent countless hours on sales tactics, thrown a little strategy in there and things were going along well. But recently, things seem a little static. Revenue may not be growing as quickly as it once was, or maybe it’s just plain flat. Consider this growth tactic - the power of you. Read More
How Live Chat Improves Customer Service

April 15, 2018

Live Chat: If You Can't be Simple, be Helpful When was the last time you used a live chat feature on a website? I have used it when other help features did not quickly give me the answer I needed. Sometimes this was because the site I was on was complex and full of information and I did not know where to find what I was looking for. So I jumped on the ch... Read More
Communication Increases Employee Retention

March 13, 2018

So Much to do, So Little Time You are the leader of your company. Your attention can be easily diverted with all of the tasks needed to keep the organization on track, meeting strategic goals, and sometimes managing the day-to-day administrative tasks. But as the leader of the organization, Read More
Grow Your Sales with Trade Shows

February 11, 2018

Trade shows still rank high on an organization's marketing tactics to meet their sales strategies. In-person events are used by 68 percent of B2B marketers according to research from the Content Marketing In... Read More
Do You Really Have Time to Sell?

January 29, 2018

  As the owner of a company, you may have considered whether or not you really have time to sell and build your business. Maybe you should just hire a Sales Director to manage a sales team so you can just “do your thing”. You may find that this would be a good solution depending on your situation. However, before you m... Read More
Meetings That Don’t Waste Time

January 16, 2018

In our January blog series on Meeting Your 2018 Goals, we have included some information that just might help save you hours by running meetings that don't waste time. Time that can be spent on income produci... Read More
How Your Strategic Plan is Carried Out

January 10, 2018

Strategic Plan in Motion You have painstakingly created your strategic plan and reviewed it with your strategic planning team. Undoubtedly, in your hands lies a tool that has the potential to grow revenues, reduce costs, increase market share, and blow away the competition. Read More
Strategic Planning Success for 2018

January 3, 2018

The Key to Achieving Your Goals in (Pick a Year, Any Year) is Strategic Planning Newsflash: It’s January. If you are just now sitting down to review your strategic planning and marketing for the year you are behind the eight ball. With that said, better late than never, so do not let that keep you from doin... Read More
Tips on Sending Holiday Cards to Your Prospects and Customers

December 4, 2017

During the holidays, many businesses send greeting cards to their customers and prospects. When done correctly, sending holiday cards is a great way to generate goodwill and keep your business at top of mind. But sometimes, sending business holiday cards can do more harm than good. To make the most of your investment, follow these tips on sending holiday cards to... Read More
Chameleon’s Hiring Program for People in Drug & Alcohol Recovery

As Featured on NH Public Radio Chameleon's hiring program for recovering addicts was featured in a November 15 New Hampshire Public Radio story. Dana Lariviere,  Read More
The Importance of List Cleaning | Chameleon Sales

November 13, 2017

Invalid emails, wrong phone numbers, misspelled names, wrong formats, and bad contact information...These are all symptoms of an inaccurate or outdated data list. If your list is suffering from these symptoms, you’re wasting valuable time and money, and reducing the effectiveness of your lead generating activities. When it comes to a successful sales strategy, ne... Read More
Scalable Approach to Outsourced Sales | Chameleon Sales

The success of your business is driven by your sales team. What's more, the conditions within which your sales team operates can change at a moment’s notice. Enter scalable outsourced sales. In time, those bus... Read More
Chameleon’s Hiring Program Offers a Second Chance to Those in Recovery

October 25, 2017

Chameleon Group President and CEO Dana Lariviere believes everyone should have a second chance. “Our mistakes do not define us,” he says. This is the philosophy behind the sales and business development company’s decision to hire over two dozen people in drug and alcohol recovery this past year. Read More
Advantages of Outsourcing Sales for New Product Launches

October 24, 2017

“If you want something new, you need to stop doing something old.” —Peter F. Drucker Most businesses recognize that, to succeed in today’s competitive market, you need to constantly look for new ways to reach new clients. And when have a new product or service that’s ready to launch, you might want to consider a new ... Read More
5 Common Myths About Outsourcing Inside Sales

September 27, 2017

Interview: Busting the Myths Surrounding Outsourcing Inside Sales with Chameleon Group COO, Vinny Bossi From accounting to HR, outsourcing major business processes and functions is a common practice among today’s leading companies. But when it comes to outsourcing inside sal... Read More
List Cleaning vs. List Enhancement

April 6, 2017

First and foremost, let’s define a list. For businesses, a list usually involves client or prospect contact information. It includes names, emails, phone numbers, and perhaps some information about the contact. At a more basic level, a list is a collection of data that fills certain fields. The List Cleanin... Read More
7 Competitive Advantages of Outsourcing Inside Sales

February 15, 2017

When Going Outside to Develop Your Inside Sales is the Best Move Regardless of what industry you’re in, in today’s competitive market, whoever closes the sale the fastest wins. Even so, by the time many companies are able to set up their inside sales team, their competitors have crossed the f... Read More
How to Find New Customers and Increase Sales This Year

December 22, 2016

Within a short amount of time, we’ll all be ringing in the new year. Hopefully we will be feeling a sense of optimism as we look toward our business development goals for 2018. But before you break out the champagne, be sure to think about what resources you’ll need for finding new customers and increasing sales in 2018. Finding New Cu... Read More
Global Inside Sales-High Tech Companies

October 31, 2016

Inside Sales for Your High Tech Business At Chameleon Group, we applaud innovation. We work alongside technology firms around the world as their inside sales experts. Whether your organization is a software developer or a technology firm, Chameleon’s adaptable sales... Read More
Flexible Sales Technology for Business

October 25, 2016

How do You Stand Out? All things considered, to survive in today's business world, you need an edge. Your business has to be able to rely on flexible sales technology for your business. Knowledge and application of unique solutions can be the difference in the outcome of the sale. With this in mind, you need a partner who can reestablis... Read More
Outsourcing Inside Sales Is a Strategic Move

September 21, 2016

Outsourcing inside sales is a strategic move that can help take your sales team to the next level. As you already know, trying to figure out the most economic and cost-effective way to drive sales up can be stressful. Do you try to keep sales in-house? Is it a good idea for your company to outsource? At Chameleon Group, we offer a highly specialized an... Read More
How Does an Inside Sales Force Operate?

August 24, 2016

When it comes to an inside sales force, few sales teams do things more efficiently than Chameleon Group. In the world of programmatic cold calling, an exchange is often made for quality of sales interactions versus Read More
Sales Partners for a Changing Sales Model

August 3, 2016

The world of sales is changing. Technology has made speed and convenience the most important factors in the sales cycle. As we talked about in our last blog, consumers often do their own research, and... Read More
Chameleon Group at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show

June 16, 2016

In case you didn’t know, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a big deal. It’s a massive trade show that displays the latest and greatest in electronic gadgetry, hosted by the Consumer Technology Association. All the big high tech companies take ... Read More
E-mail Response Marketing

May 17, 2016

Custom Inbound Marketing Campaigns At Chameleon Group, we adapt to your current web response marketing platform, or help you establish a new one. Internet marketing is a strong tool for generating leads, and it’s important for any business to have an active web response platform. Read More
B2B Prospect Profiling Services

Profiling your prospects through market research High-quality sales intelligence is the key to a successful lead generation campaign. As experts in prospect profiling and market research, Chameleon Group will determine who your target market and map the future prospects for your organization. B2B Prospect Profiling Services Read More
B2B Inside Sales Support

April 18, 2016

Is your sales department struggling? Has your company been experiencing declining sales over time? Are you struggling to find and reach the right target audience? Do you have a dedicated sales staff, but they’re just not cutting it? If any of these relate to your business, your company needs inside sales support. Inside sales support involves taking an in-d... Read More
Sales Cycle Management Services

April 4, 2016

How effective is my Sales Cycle? The sales cycle can be a long and difficult process, but it is a necessary evil to the closing of a sale. Many companies have inefficient or outdated sales cycles that can waste time and effort. Chameleon Group offers one the fastest, most effective B2B inside sales solutions. Our sales cycle management experts assess your sales process, determine its w... Read More
Sales Contact List Development Services

March 14, 2016

Does your company need a leads database? Leads lists offer endless opportunities for broad market engagement and increased sales. Leads lists go by different names, including “sales database,” “contact list,” and others. Leads databases are used by companies to improve sales and marketing efforts. Every company, no matter its size, should be in the business of growing their leads list... Read More
Inbound Marketing Call Filtering Services

March 1, 2016

Call filtering saves your company time In the world of business, time waits for nobody. That’s why it’s so important that each department of your company receives only relevant phone calls. Without accurate call filtering to direct callers to the proper departments, your company loses valuable time talking to unqualified leads. At Read More
B2B Seminar & Webinar Event Telemarketing Services

February 12, 2016

B2B Seminar & Webinar Telemarketing Live Seminars and Webinars are powerful tools for delivering key messages to potential customers, usually leading to an increase in sales. But enticing the target senior decision makers to make the time to attend these events can be a challenge. Customizable Event Telemarketing Services Chameleon Group’s expert staff specializes in event... Read More
Contact List Maintenance for Businesses

February 1, 2016

Struggling with accuracy in your leads contact list? Fixing bad contact lists is just as important as list acquisition. Contact list maintenance is necessary for businesses that use any form of leads list or database for their direct marketing campaigns. Too often, phone calls are made, emails are sent and promotional fliers are mailed to prospects, but... Read More
Market Research Services for Businesses

January 16, 2016

What does Market Research involve? When a company develops a new product or service, the natural next step is to make it available to the public. But how does a company know who needs the service, or how many people want the product? How do they determine the interest level, target audience, and price index? These are all vital areas of market research. How Chameleon Group conducts... Read More
Sales Channel Management for Businesses

January 2, 2016

Sales channels are the different ways a company can offer its products to consumers. There are multiple options for sales channels: online, traditional retail, face-to-face or other direct sales methods. Business owners can become overwhelmed with all of their sales channel options as they attempt to reach consumers with their products or services. So, what is the most ef... Read More
Business Live Chat Response Services

December 16, 2015

Does your company website have live chat? First impressions are everything in the world of business, and live chat response systems are on the cutting edge of consumer interaction. Business live chat response services provide consumers with direct access to a representative, anytime Live chat portals are valuable features for sales-oriented companies Sa... Read More
Sales Database Cleansing Services

November 13, 2015

How accurate & complete is your sales leads list? Sales database cleansing and list maintenance are important for businesses that use any form of leads list database. Too often, phone calls are made, e-mails are sent, and promotional fliers are mailed to current and prospective clients, but never reach their in... Read More
Inbound Marketing Call Center Services

November 1, 2015

Are your inbound marketing campaigns as efficient as they should be? At Chameleon Group, our inbound marketing call center services are the most effective way for a business to experience professional call filtering and sales cycle management. We depend on responsive, reliable, and toll-free reception campaigns that focus on generating leads and sales. Outbound Call Center Services... Read More
Should I Leave a Voicemail on a Sales Call?

October 20, 2015

This is a topic of much debate. Should I leave a voicemail on a sales call or not? There are a couple of opinions on this subject.  Here are some things to consider: Can I ge... Read More
How to Research and Qualify Sales Contacts

October 10, 2015

How can I research and qualify sales contacts without a name to go on? Let me set the scene; you're a salesperson on a mission, and you're moments away from landing a huge sale. You just need to get the contact on the phone. Here’s a dialogue that happens hundreds of times a day between B2B salespeople and gatekeepers: Salesperson: Hello, I need t... Read More
Lead Acquisition: B2B Survey and Profiling Tips

September 22, 2015

B2B surveys for lead acquisition and contact accuracy Imagine you’re at work taking a short coffee break one afternoon when someone from a company calls you asking questions about the software you use at work. It’s true of all of us—the last thing we want when we’re busy is to have someone interrupt our day with survey questions. At Chameleon, we are “hired” by other companies (our cl... Read More
Cleansing a Sales Call List: Chameleon Group

September 15, 2015

Cleansing a sales call list basically involves taking nothing and making it something. What is the purpose of cleansing a sales call list? In a word--connection. You begin with a standard list. It might be a list of previous customers, website inquiries, or a quick list a business owner compiled from existing resources. Often times, only a single ema... Read More
Sales Call Tips: What Questions Should I Ask?

August 19, 2015

Anyone new to sales has worried over the dilemma, "What questions should I ask?" Here are some sales call tips to get you started. One key factor that sets salespeople on the path to success is the ability to find and talk to the right person. Very often, a salesperson will spend significant time and effort on a really well-p... Read More
Seasoned Sales Tips: The Avalanche Close

August 5, 2015

The "avalanche close" is an important sales tip to understand. This sales technique is best practiced when trying to bring out an answer and overcome the objections of a reluctant prospect. This usually takes place after a few minutes of polite conversation, after they have expressed a level of interest but an equal level of hesitance. You will hear things like, "We have... Read More
Seasoned Sales Tips: Word Crimes

July 29, 2015

Avoiding the following sales person word crimes will help you build rapport with prospects and help them to open up and talk, ultimately increasing your ability to close the sale: 1.) “Um” and “uh.” These are the biggest word crimes, and the most common words that sales people slip up and say. Why is it so important to avoid these words? Each time you say “um” or “uh” to a pros... Read More
Chameleon’s Voice: Words From Inside Sales Part II

July 7, 2015

Demi's Story As an Inside Sales Representative with Chameleon, I represent a company that offers graphic designing programs. Of the two programs we can provide, one is a 2-D program that costs $300 and one is a 3-D program valued at $5,000. One afternoon, I received a phone call from a prospect who needed my help to determine the best progra... Read More
Chameleon’s Voice: Words From Inside Sales Part I

June 23, 2015

Joel's Story As a new employee of Chameleon Group, I already feel like I’m part of a team. From my first day, to my first lead, to my first project, one thing that has been clear to me: I am valued for the unique experiences I bring to the team. This is my first experience working in business development as an In... Read More
Who’s On First? Inbound Marketing Services

March 16, 2015

Here’s something you’ve probably never done before…give yourself a phone call. Go ahead, call that bright and shiny 800 number on your website. And then ask yourself…who’s on first? In your company, you might have a number of part-time employees who serve as “secretary.” Or maybe it’s Debbie at the front desk who always picks up the phone first. These may be great people, but are they... Read More
Database Cleansing: How Clean Are Your Lists?

March 3, 2015

If you are a small business owner with an e-mail marketing system, you’re doing it right. You probably have contact lists that are unique to different aspects of your business, with fresh and unique content that you send out at regular intervals…or maybe not. More likely you have vague lists with names like “customer list 4” or “kind of interested customers”. We’ve all done it, there’s no need... Read More
Flower Power

May 14, 2014

With summer around the corner, it’s a great time to get started with that hobby you’ve set aside for so long – gardening! There are a couple similarities between maintaining a healthy fruitful garden, and maintaining a strong and effective database through data enhancement. PLAN(T) For our fellow green-thumbs out there, this past month has been spent daydre... Read More
Competing In A Global Market

May 6, 2014

Are you familiar with the famous story of David and Goliath? With a single well-placed pebble (and perhaps a smidgen of divine intervention) David was able to overcome the giant Goliath. There might be some truth to this story in reference to small business development. In short, one single marketing campaign can launch your company from start-up to enterprise, but the issue lies in d... Read More
What Are You Trying To Accomplish?

April 28, 2014

Successful business development requires a clear understanding of the process and creation of a solid plan. Con... Read More
What’s In Your Sales Database?

April 4, 2014

So often,  we hear from companies needing to have a sales database scrubbed. How often have you said or heard, “It’s an old list and we don’t even know if the contacts are correct.” Today, having and maintaining the correct contacts in your sales database i... Read More
If you build it, will they come?

March 24, 2014

Anyone that has hosted an event is well aware of the fact that planning an event is more complicated than the old Field of Dreams adage: “if you build it, they will come.” Event hosting is uncertain and extremely expensive. According to the Read More
Event Optimization

March 19, 2014

The Question: Las Vegas hotels rent extra dumpsters to more than double their waste capacity throughout trade show season. Can you guess what fills those dumpsters? The Answer: As sad as it may sound, your Company’s marketing material is what is filling those dumpsters… alongside of course millions of other flyers, hand-outs, posters and othe... Read More
New Chameleon Group Website!

February 24, 2014

We recently implemented a new website, blog platform and set up social media! So excited to start posting some unique and compelling content. -The new client Chameleon Leads log-in is at the top-right corner, under the (+) icon. -Guides on how to more-effectively run your inside sales operations will soon be available for download under our "resources" tab. I'm hoping you check back in to se... Read More