October 18, 2022

Why is Corporate Culture Important? Check Out Our Employee Poll and See!

At Chameleon Group, we are proactive about creating a positive company culture by focusing on work-life balance. So, why is corporate culture important? We’ve seen firsthand the fantastic outcomes of prioritizing our employees and workplace environment. 

An organization’s culture centers on its values, beliefs, ethics, and attitudes that guide its practices. It is often expressed through a company’s mission or vision statement and values. Culture is also reflected in organizational structure, policies (e.g., dress code, schedule, remote work), processes (e.g., feedback and reviews), and community engagement.

Creating a clear and positive company culture can help with: 

With this mentality, we always want to keep a pulse on what our employees think and feel. What are we doing well? Where could we improve? 

We recently polled our entire staff to find out and confirm why culture is important in business! Below, we’re sharing some valuable insights we learned from our team and how we plan to take action and continue elevating our corporate culture.

What Our Employees Say About Life On the Job at Chameleon

We began by asking employees for their overall thoughts on life at Chameleon. They provided some powerful feedback from their favorite things about working here to their feelings about our company culture and environment.

The general message from our team’s responses: Chameleon provides a warm, welcoming work environment with friendly people who care about helping one another. Several team members also noted their appreciation and pride in working for a recovery-friendly workplace, explaining that they feel safe and have a sense of belonging.

As one individual put it, “I love that it is such a welcoming workplace—that people are acknowledged [for] their hard work, and that it is very inclusive.” Just further proof of why company culture is important in the workplace!

Employees at the best places to work in new hampshire

We also asked employees what they would say if a friend asked them about working at Chameleon. Most agree that Chameleon is a great place to work! They called it a fun work environment and a challenging job. One person even described Chameleon as a “Great place to work—sales [is] harder than you think.” This is balanced with our supportive management and coworkers, which others specifically mentioned.

Why Is Corporate Culture Important for Recommendations?

Several “pick-one” questions helped us gauge how our team members feel about specific statements about our company culture. When asked if they’d be likely to recommend Chameleon, 83% said yes. 

Of course, our existing team is our first line of defense—or maybe more like offense—for marketing and growing our company! Whether or not they will recommend us to their friends and family speaks volumes about our corporate culture. 

Next, we asked them to describe our culture in two words and received some wonderful responses! The most common words people chose were:

It certainly looks like we have a theme! Among others were friendly, unique, stable, and positive.

Additionally, 92% of our employees look forward to coming to work every day. This is another reason why corporate culture is important: to give employees not just a job, but a career—one they look forward to every day. This requires the perfect balance of fun, inclusion, support, and challenges. 

If an organization’s team members are unhappy at the thought of coming to work every day, there is a deeper issue that leads to more problems—from decreased morale and productivity to high turnover rates.

Chameleon has also made significant efforts to create a diverse and inclusive company culture, and 91% agree we’re succeeding! 

We know there is always work to do, but by focusing on areas like addiction recovery and mental health support, we aim to create a welcoming, judgment-free workplace. Plus, by opening doors for people from all backgrounds and walks of life, we gain unique perspectives and strengthen our team.

How About Outside of Work?

Another reason why corporate culture is important is it ensures employees have a solid work-life balance. We all understand that in this job market, this is one of the primary things people are searching for in an employer. Many are no longer willing to make work most (or all) of their lives.

At Chameleon, we do our best to provide every team member with a job that fits into their life, not the other way around.

A graphic design of work life balance

So, we took this opportunity to learn more about our employees outside of work and check in on their work-life balance. From sports and outdoor adventure to cooking, baking, and gaming to spending time with friends and family (including furry, four-legged friends), to traveling, we heard about various hobbies! 

When we asked if they have a healthy work-life balance, 73% said yes. Our leadership team plans to keep these lines of communication open. We want for all employees to have time and space for self-care, exploring hobbies, and spending time with loved ones.

Opportunities for Improvement (Because We Can Never Stop Bettering Ourselves!)

While Chameleon is working hard to become one of the best places to work in New Hampshire, we know we still have work to do—which is why corporate culture is important to our mission. If there’s an area where we could be doing better for our team, we want to know about it so we can act!

To understand how we can keep employees engaged and motivated, we asked for their ideas on incentives. While several said they’re happy with the way things are, a few requested financial, PTO, remote work, and dress code-related incentives.

Several people also mentioned that they’d like a more flexible schedule and the ability to work from home. This allows us an opportunity to dig deeper into scheduling possibilities in the future.

A recovery friendly workplace with good company culture examples

One interesting response requested Narcan training once every six months. This is an option we’re interested in exploring as one of the Granite State’s recovery-friendly employers.

We were happy to learn that 90% feel that their suggestions and ideas are heard. We never want a team member to feel they are overlooked or not taken seriously. We’ll also maintain an open-door policy and encourage employees to address concerns with their managers. This way, everyone feels they are heard and valued.

How Do Employees Feel About Career Advancement

At Chameleon, we hope people stick around and grow with us! Professional and career development is a priority here. Employees should understand their expectations and future career paths if they stay with us. We want to see team members overcome challenges, grow, and succeed!

While we’ve designed our feedback and review processes to support employees and help them grow, we got their thoughts to ensure things are working as intended.

A large majority feel that their manager provides them feedback promptly and that the feedback is constructive so they can improve their performance. 

Meanwhile, 73% agree that Chameleon provides learning and development opportunities and recognizes them for their contributions and accomplishments. We’ll continue finding new ways to expand and improve career advancement opportunities to elevate employee engagement and retention.

Why Is Corporate Culture Important to Chameleon?

As we work to create the ideal workplace where people from all backgrounds will feel welcome and accepted, we’ll continue to evaluate our practices and look to other good company culture examples for inspiration. This employee survey was the first step in unearthing some valuable information. It’s crucial to understand your team’s perception of your company so you can make the best decisions for growth. 

We look forward to implementing gradual changes and improvements in those areas of opportunity and gathering regular feedback. And we were humbled to learn about the things we’re doing well, which indicate that we’re on the right path.

One employee noted that they enjoy having “Easily understood metrics to meet, [a] caring and cultivated environment and culture, [and] stable and routine tasks with enough daily versatility to be fresh.” And that about sums up our vision and why corporate culture is important!
If you’d like to discuss ways to elevate your organization’s culture and ensure a healthy work-life balance for employees, please reach out today. The Chameleon team is always happy to share tips and what’s worked for us!

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