August 16, 2022

What Makes Chameleon Group a Success? (Who We Are Behind the Scenes)

Many companies struggle to maintain employee retention, satisfaction, and loyalty as people realize they don’t want to live to work but the other way around. At Chameleon Group, we understand—we are always searching for talented people to add to our team. 

A few years ago, we considered business growth strategies that would allow us to remain true to our values and help others. Several employee experiences enlightened us on addiction recovery as a viable recruiting and retention avenue. We loved that we could simply choose to be giving, support individuals in need, and thereby create a thriving culture of loyal employees. 

The Chameleon Group team is passionate about contributing to our community and giving talented, hardworking people second chances. The time and money we invest in addiction recovery resources more than pays off with the powerful bond we’ve established with our community and team members. 

Of course, we don’t operate this way out of obligation or to benefit the business. We are led by generous founder, Dana Lariviere. He has taught us all what it means to meet people where they are and provide for their needs well beyond the workplace.

A Genuine Focus on Social Responsibility

The chameleon group focusing on social responsibility

One of Chameleon Group’s early steps was becoming a Recovery Friendly Workplace. Governor Chris Sununu leads this initiative to aid the 60,000+ people in recovery in New Hampshire. It provides workplaces with addiction recovery tools and supports people recovering from substance use disorder (SUD). Recovery Friendly Workplaces are expected to: 

Recovery Friendly Workplaces receive recognition from Governor Sununu.

We have also become a “Place,” a Dover Mental Health Alliance designation available to businesses or organizations that emphasize the mental health of their employees, colleagues, and customers. As a “Place,” Chameleon Group: 

Participating in these programs equips us to serve our employees and community to the best of our ability. Chameleon Group is committed to continued education so we can effectively share with others the importance of focusing on addiction recovery in the workplace and beyond.

A Drive for Sharing and Creating Change at Chameleon Group

Chameleon Group is proud to be recognized as a thought leader in innovative employee retention strategies—not because we crave the limelight but because it means our message reaches more organizations and people!

The chameleon group focusing on employee retention strategies

Dana and the rest of our team take a comprehensive approach to employment practices. Addiction is often tied to other social and mental health issues, such as isolation and domestic abuse. So we are constantly working to create a community where those in addiction recovery can find a support network and the resources they need, from food, to shelter, to clothing.

Recently, our Director of Sales, Geoff Booker, participated in a roundtable led by Dr. Rahul Gupta, director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. The panel discussed the types of assistance required to support employees and bring people back into the fold after a relapse or challenging period. Geoff’s main point: Access to treatment remains the number one priority for the program’s success.

We also sponsored the Recovery Rally last September, held by SOS Recovery Community Organization in Dover. Senator Maggie Hassan attended and spoke at the rally, which raised awareness on resources for those seeking and continuing recovery.

If you or your company would like to serve our community in similar ways, please join us at one of our upcoming events:

Or, please contact us for more information on addiction recovery and business development tools.

A Heart for Inclusion

If it sounds like a lot of work, you’re right! But the benefits outweigh the costs. We’ve created a culture of inclusion where people in addiction recovery can be honest about their past challenges and experiences. They can apply and work on our team without fear of judgment. Many end up excelling and remaining a part of the Chameleon Group family for years. That makes it all worthwhile.

People in addiction recovery have a higher risk of relapse when they are home, alone, and isolated. So, how does Chameleon Group create a recovery-friendly environment for employees? First, we ask our team members to work onsite—not because we don’t trust them, but because it is safer for them and helps keep them accountable.

Chameleon group focusing on inclusion in the workplace

We have implemented many engaging and supportive activities, starting with our Food Days! These inclusive, laid-back gatherings are perfect for team bonding, even for those dealing with social anxiety and extreme introverts. Food Days include: 

Chameleon Group also works to make a difference by: 

We aim to tackle mental health, housing insecurity, and employment barriers. Organizing events and resources to support our colleagues in recovery has become second nature. It’s resulted in a naturally inclusive environment where we all believe people deserve empathy, compassion, and second (or even third) chances.

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Putting our people first and creating an inclusive workplace has delivered great success in our recruiting and retention efforts—a happy side effect that has led to a strong team of people who stick around long-term. And while we’ve enjoyed these benefits, Chameleon Group has always approached addiction recovery from a genuine place of caring. 

And we do all this because it’s the right thing to do.

Are you interested in collaborating, getting involved in your community, or employment in a Recovery Friendly Workplace? Or are you simply looking for a marketing company that shares your values? Get in touch today! We are always happy to discuss and share our experiences.

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