November 8, 2022

Considering Charitable Giving? 4 of Our Favorite Charities in New Hampshire (And Surrounding Areas)

As the holidays approach, we’ve got giving back on the mind here at Chameleon Group! We thought it the perfect time to spread the spirit of giving with fellow caring businesses. We’re sharing four of our favorite charities in New Hampshire that we’ll be supporting this season. 

The best part is that companies can give back in many ways, including donations, volunteering, in-kind support, and partnerships to help spread the charity’s mission. Organizations that lead the way with genuine generosity positively impact their local and statewide communities. 

Not to mention, there are many fulfilling benefits of donating to charity as a business, including:

Plus, your team will experience the joy and bonding of doing good deeds together! 

Are you ready to experience the priceless benefits of corporate giving? If so, check out these local charities in New Hampshire and consider supporting their causes!

SOS Recovery

First on our list of charities in New Hampshire is SOS (Strength Over Stigma) Recovery Community Organization. It is a community-based peer organization supporting those in recovery. Identifying as “an RCO with a capital C,” the nonprofit is run by a small staff and primarily volunteers consisting of individuals in recovery, family members, friends and loved ones of those in recovery, those who may still be struggling with substance misuse, and community allies. 

Addiction abuse counseling for new hampshire nonprofit organizations

There is still a significant stigma around substance use disorders. Sadly, this is despite plenty of medical evidence that shows addiction is a complex form of mental illness. As people with addiction are blamed for their disease, they receive poor treatment or are rejected by hospitals and medical facilities, continuing the cycle of drug use.

SOS Recovery Community Organization understands this. It’s on a mission to reduce this stigma through peer-based addiction recovery support programs, including:

Those operating SOS understand the recovery journey because they’ve been there and seek to better their communities through their own experiences. 

And they’re certainly making an impact as one of the amazing charities in New Hampshire, having received the following:

To learn more and find out how you can support them, visit

Recovery Friendly Workplace

We encourage businesses that want to directly impact the Granite State’s addiction crisis through their own workforce to become a Recovery Friendly Workplace. According to their site, “The Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative gives business owners the resources and support they need to foster a supportive environment that encourages the success of their employees in recovery.”

Chameleon Group is proud to be a Recovery Friendly Workplace. We aim to do our part to ease the effects of New Hampshire’s addiction crisis while supporting those in recovery. 
A 2017 report showed that substance misuse costs the state $2.36 annually in health and criminal justice costs, lost labor force participation, and lost worker productivity. The report also found that alcohol dependence reduces the Granite State’s workforce by 1.65%—or 12,000 workers—at a time when employers were already struggling to find and retain talent.

New hampshire charities that sponsor a recovery friendly workplace

The Recovery Friendly Workplace initiative equips businesses to provide an inclusive, supportive work environment. Everyone deserves a fresh start for those on an addiction recovery journey. As a designated Recovery Friendly Workplace, your company will receive recognition from Governor Sununu and the Recovery Friendly Workplace organization, along with resources to support your team members.

Learn more and apply to be a Recovery Friendly Workplace today.

Reality Check

Another of our favorite New Hampshire charities is Jaffrey-based Reality Check. With a focus on prevention, treatment, and recovery, they interact with the community on multiple levels, including:

Like the charities in New Hampshire mentioned above, Reality Check consists of driving members who have personally experienced addiction and recovery. In fact, 50% of the board of directors and 75% of staff are in recovery from alcoholism or addiction. Through their personal experiences, Reality Check team members have the knowledge, compassion, and empathy necessary to positively impact those they help.

Thanks to their experience, deep commitment, and approach, Reality Check received a $135,000 grant to help Monadnock Region employers implement the Recovery Friendly Workplace initiative. The collaboration intends to:

Discover the inspiring Reality Check story and how they can guide your corporate giving efforts.

Dover Mental Health Alliance

Because mental health and substance use are intertwined, we also want to highlight the Dover Mental Health Alliance (DMHA). This New Hampshire nonprofit demonstrates the benefits of community-based involvement in issues such as mental health stigma and suicide prevention. It aims to show “that our mental health is just as important as our physical health.”

The DMHA teaches that we all play a role in the health and welfare of our fellow community members. We don’t need to be medical experts or therapists to recognize and respond appropriately to someone experiencing a mental health challenge. 

This goes for business leaders, too! After all, research shows that mental health affects companies:

Employees with mental illnesses like depression cost their employers in productivity, earnings, health care costs, and workplace morale. But businesses can improve their mental health awareness and support initiatives by offering:

A psychiatrist at a charity in new hampshire

Fortunately, the DMHA provides training and resources for businesses that want to create an accepting workplace. They use all donations to fund their solutions toward creating a mental health-friendly community. Check out their complete resources and how to become a “Place.” This is a designation available to organizations that strive to support the mental health of their employees, colleagues, and customers.

Final Thoughts on Charitable Giving Through Your Business

Of course, corporate giving comes with standard benefits, such as tax deductions, positive PR, and heightened public awareness. But when businesses give back, they also contribute to a healthier, more supported, positive, and more productive workforce and community. Plus, your whole team can enjoy the fulfilling feeling of practicing kindness and generosity!

Since becoming a Recovery Friendly Workplace, Chameleon Group has experienced firsthand the benefits of giving back. Doing so has:

As you can see, community giving and involvement doesn’t have to stop at donations! Businesses have many other options, including:

If your company is exploring new ways to engage in your community and would like to discuss ideas and collaboration opportunities, please contact us today! Our team will happily share more about our experience and how we built relationships with these wonderful charities in New Hampshire.

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