August 24, 2016

How Does an Inside Sales Force Operate?

When it comes to an inside sales force, few sales teams do things more efficiently than Chameleon Group. In the world of programmatic cold calling, an exchange is often made for quality of sales interactions versus quantity. We adhere to the notion that every call is part of a valuable sales cycle, whether that call is the first attempt or the third.

Moreover, each interaction reinforces a connection with your brand. Our personable sales staff is trained in engagement methods as well as your specific products and services. Our inside sales force provides an immediacy and a constancy that traditional sales teams cannot. Here are a few ways inside sales makes a difference:

Chameleon Group’s Inside Sales Metrics

Chameleon Group specializes in engaging with your prospects, customers, and leads to expand your sales horizon. By providing the full range of call center services including lead generation, qualification, and follow-up, we increase the capabilities of any sales force. Here are some of Chameleon’s average inside sales metrics:

With sales calls come the inevitable “time to answer” rates, hang-ups and abandon rates. Over all, Chameleon’s dedicated staff produces higher than industry average sales interactions on behalf of your company.

Inside Sales Solutions for U.S. Companies

Inside sales is not an either/or option. Chameleon’s inside sales force integrates seamlessly into your existing sales community, complementing your sales efforts rather than replacing them. In turn, your company will benefit most when you understand your current sales model and define your process.

As your comprehensive sales partners, Chameleon Group provides solutions to improve and manage your sales cycle from the inside, out. As a matter of fact, if you find that your current sales model has not fully adapted to the best industry practices, we can implement the improvements you need to achieve success. Contact Chameleon Group to learn more today!

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