March 4, 2019

Spring “Fever”: Seasonal Sickness in the Workplace

As you may already know, this has been one of the worst years in recent history for the common cold and the flu. Germs are relentless in the winter. With a lack of fresh air and sunshine, your employees and their families stand little a chance defending themselves against the inevitable: the sick day.

However, you can be proactive as an employer. With a little luck you may manage to keep productivity levels to a normal level through the winter. Here are a few ideas to stay on top of the cold and flu season.

In the end, let people stay home if they are sick. You don’t want what they have traveling around the office, potentially wiping out an entire department. A day out recovering is less of a productivity loss than a week at home with a full blown head cold.

Need additional help during the winter months to cover employees who are out? Chameleon Group can jump in and cover making sales calls, managing inbound marketing inquiries, and setting appointments. We are here when you need us.

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