November 24, 2020

List Cleansing in 2020

The last eight months have transformed the business landscape.  Over ten million workers have lost their job and more may soon find themselves unemployed.  The impact of COVID-19 has not only impacted the lives of people who have lost their job, it impacts your organization’s email and contact distribution list.  However, there are some actions you can take to improve your market position in the coming months.

It is more important than ever that you maintain good communication with your current customers and prospects to let them know you are still here for them in their current situation.  Maintaining an updated contact list is effective in reaching the group of people who are responsible for most of your new business – your current customers.  List maintenance is simple and effective, and it is one of the actions we highly recommend currently.  COVID has impacted your list more than you realize.  It is time for some maintenance.

List Cleansing Impact

Having out-of-date lists are a waste of your marketing time and dollars.  Keeping your email lists current is still vital.  Consider this: over 300 billion emails are exchanged each day and that number is expected to grow 15% by 2024.  Moreover, potential customers are accessing their email on the go more frequently than ever.  In 2018, over email was opened on a mobile app than any other email accessing platform.


If a business is spending time and money to market via email, accurate and complete outbound lists are critical to reach the targeted audience.  There are two basic types of list improvements your company could deploy:

List Cleansing: Cleansing your list means reviewing and researching each contact to ensure that their email has not changed/no longer active and their phone number is still current.  This process will help eliminate dead end emails and phone calls.  The result is a sleeker, relevant list that reaches all of your potential clients.  However, this process takes time and resources away from other organizational projects if attempted in-house.

List Enhancement: Enhancing your list involves investigation into each company and the contact.  This process includes tracking down contacts that have fallen off the map or may no longer be engaging with your email marketing campaigns.  This process is the more personal of the two processes because you are seeking to speak to another person and build or rebuild a rapport.

Whether your organization purchased a contact list or built it yourself, maintaining and updating your lists should be completed on a regular basis.  This is even more important during a global pandemic.


Chameleon Group provides a variety database management solutions, including list cleansing/enhancement.  Chameleon is easy to reach on Facebook or our website.  We look forward to helping your organization clean up your databases and grow your sales through and after the challenges of 2020.

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