October 8, 2019

Vision Quest

The process of owning, operating, and growing a business can be a daunting task.  Regardless of whether your business has one employee or 100 employees, charting the course for your operation is an important undertaking.  Developing or defining your organization’s mission and vision statements help set your policies, decision-making, and future direction.

What are Vision and Mission Statements

Norja Vanderelst, Creative Director at Colour Infusion, opines  vision statements are used to describe the future state of your organization.  However, a mission statement describes the current state of your organization.  Oftentimes, the use of these statements gets overlooked or used interchangeably.

Effective Use

When crafting your vision and mission consider the following:

Your mission statement should answer 3 basic questions: 1) What your business does, 2) Who you do it for, and 3) How your business does what it does.  These three questions provide a foundation for your mission statement, but help you critically think about your current operations.  In addition, exploring your mission statement can act as a refresher to what you are doing on a daily basis for your employees and/or customers.  Their inclusion in the process can help further develop the delivery and quality of your products and services

After you have explored your mission statement, you can begin to map your future.  Consider this – a vision statement serves as guardrails. Use it to stay focused on achieving your optimal organizational future.  While a mission statement tells your customers what you do, a vision statement serves as your employees “north star”.  Finally, a vision statement helps your employees develop a deeper sense of connectedness to the organization.  This connects them to the idea that their daily work contributes to a larger purpose.

As you explore your vision and mission statements, consider how we may help you deliver for your customers.

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