July 7, 2015

Chameleon’s Voice: Words From Inside Sales Part II

Demi’s Story

As an Inside Sales Representative with Chameleon, I represent a company that offers graphic designing programs. Of the two programs we can provide, one is a 2-D program that costs $300 and one is a 3-D program valued at $5,000. One afternoon, I received a phone call from a prospect who needed my help to determine the best program for his own personal use.

Now, this company’s sales team is well aware that both packages are a big investment for individuals. I listened carefully, and based on the information he gave me, I explained that the 2-D program would meet his needs. I expected the conversation to end there, but he stuck around. He began to ask me some very specific questions about the two programs. With the months of research I’ve done on the products, I was able to answer every question to his satisfaction.

Near the end of the phone call, he told me that he was actually more interested in the 3-D program. And then he said these words: “Okay, this is the chance for you to sell me this product.” My heart nearly stopped. I gave it my best try, and in the end I was able to influence him towards purchasing the $5,000 program. Even though he told me several times that it is was “way out of his budget”, we went ahead with the sale and he was thrilled.

The ability to influence prospects and clients in the right direction is a talent I never thought I would have before I started at Chameleon. When I began in 2014, I called on a sales event that wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, and I was successful. After two weeks, Chameleon decided to move me to my current company. Being in Inside Sales with Chameleon has truly been the most rewarding ten months I’ve had in all my working years.

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