July 29, 2020

Open To Work

The current COVID-19 pandemic has left over 30 million Americans without a job.  Jobless claims have bounced around over the last four months as the pandemic ebbs and flows in various states.  In addition to impacting sales and revenue for millions of small and medium sized businesses, it leaves a wake of available talent. There is a surplus of talented individuals looking for and open to work.  In the mean time, many businesses are waiting to fill vacancies until there is a more clear picture of the future.  A wait and see approach may not be the best for your organization..

Ready for Work

Professional networking sites such as  LinkedIn have experienced an increase in activity over the last several months.  Recently LinkedIn launched a #OPENTOWORK campaign for out of work users. This open to work hashtag lets recruiters and other contacts know who is looking for work.  Users hope to draw attention to their skills and achievements.  Recruiters can use skills searches to find users who have experience in your industry.  If you are not using LinkedIn at this time to search for talent, you may be missing out on a valuable source.

Don’t Miss Out

With the surplus of highly qualified candidates waiting to find work, your organization could capitalize on finding great candidates.  Sales and revenue are slumping for many businesses. However, if you are waiting for the pandemic to “end” before sending an offer letter you may miss out.  The Cares Act ends on July 31st and out of work Americans will be under even more economic hardship and pressure to find employment. Hiring now is a win-win proposition that can bring well qualified talent into your organization and put Americans back to work.

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