August 31, 2020

Wellbeing During A Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact jobs and economies around the world, but what might be understated is the toll it has taken on the physical and mental wellbeing of people.  Gyms and fitness centers are closed.  Bars and restaurants are closed.  Social gathers are limited to small numbers or immediate family only.  So, that begs the question: how do we keep physically and mentally well during this time?  Here are some suggestions to regain or maintain your physical and mental wellbeing:

Mental Wellbeing

Maintaining your mental health is extremely important during this time.  Mental health issues are on the rise during the pandemic.  One strategy to help you refocus and re-balance is meditation or relaxation techniques.  There are a number of  phone applications you can use to help you discover the benefits of mediation.  Some are free while others require subscriptions for a fee.  However, if you think you have a serious mental health situation, you should seek professional help.

Another way to reduce mental and emotional stress during this time is to take a break from social media and news television.  It is always beneficial to take in a variety of news sources and perspectives, but could you be overloading yourself with information?  Even before the pandemic became part of our daily lives, the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology published a study that suggests limiting social media can impact feelings of loneliness and depression.  The full study can be found here.  Instead of consuming social media or cable news, discover a new book.

Physical Wellbeing

The impact of gyms and fitness centers being closed has impacted the physical health of many.  Even if your local gym is open, you may not feel safe to resume your normal level of activity within the facility. So, what does one do if they no longer have access to the equipment they used to?

During the early stages of the pandemic, the United States saw a run on toilet paper and cleaning supplies.  Much in that same way, fitness equipment became scarce as well.  A quick walk through of your local big box retailer will show you that fitness equipment is starting to be stocked, however in short supply still.  There are a variety of free fitness apps that provide workout activities that do not require any fitness equipment outside of body weight.  If you need a lower intensity workout, there are a number of yoga apps that can help keep you moving.

Chameleon cares about your physical and mental wellbeing.  So, please reach out for professional help if things become overwhelming or you need support.

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