October 24, 2017

Advantages of Outsourcing Sales for New Product Launches

“If you want something new, you need to stop doing something old.” —Peter F. Drucker

Most businesses recognize that, to succeed in today’s competitive market, you need to constantly look for new ways to reach new clients. And when have a new product or service that’s ready to launch, you might want to consider a new strategy for bringing it to market:  outsourced sales. In this month’s blog, the Chameleon team discusses the many advantages of outsourcing sales for new product launches.

1. Quick and effective go to market strategy

No matter what industry you’re in, in today’s competitive market, whoever closes the sale the fastest wins. Yet, by the time many companies are able to set up their inside sales team, their competitors have crossed the finish line and are gearing up for the next race.  “We can have a scalable sales team up and running within 30 days, offering a major competitive advantage to our clients,” says Vinny Bossi, chief operating officer at Chameleon Sales Group.

2. Avoiding the high costs of a new sales team

When you launch a new product, you could give it to your existing sales team. But what if you find your team doesn’t have the bandwidth? You may end up neglecting your core business and failing to properly manage your new sales leads. You could hire new sales reps, but between recruiting, hiring, and training, bringing on a new team can cost thousands of dollars. When outsourcing sales for your new product launch, you avoid these fixed costs. Instead, you bring on an expert sales team that is scalable to the selling cycle of your product.

3. Access to expert sales strategies

Chameleon’s experienced team of experts knows which sales and marketing strategies work best and can work with you to help your business grow and succeed.

4. Leveraging the latest sales and marketing tools and technologies

Because Chameleon specializes in supporting new product launch sales, we know how to leverage the latest CRM and marketing automation systems to help you work faster and smarter.

Outsourcing Sales for New Product Launches with Chameleon

If you’re looking to launch a new product campaign, contact the experts at Chameleon to learn how we can reduce your time to market and save you money. Visit our website to learn more about our services.

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