September 6, 2019

We Live Chat, Do You?

The back to school season got us thinking about what it was like to get back to school after a long summer off.  Some of us are experienced enough to remember days of the overhead projector and some of us don’t remember what it was like before the use of PowerPoint. It doesn’t matter if you were headed back to college or university or if you were headed back to 5th grade there was (mild?)  excitement about being back in the classroom.  Regardless of grade level, technology was one of the things that we saw change right in front of our eyes in the classroom.  Some quicker than others.  The same is true for your business – for all of business.  One piece of technology that is driving businesses and could help drive yours is website live chat.

First Impressions

Live chat software provides a front line, first impression for your business.  It also provides your customer with direct contact to people who know your products and services.  Furthermore, it allows you to provide immediate service to those who have issues with your product or want to know more right now.  In fact, customers expect service faster than you may currently be receiving the request for feedback.  Research suggests that your customers want a response from you within an hour of making contact.  If live chat is your first line of service, you are meeting your customer when and where they need you.

Live Chat Benefits

Live chat provides an organization with several benefits.  While there are numerous benefits for integrating the technology into your website, here are two we think you will find interesting.

  1. Reduce support expenses – with phone support your call center representative can be tied up on one call. With the use of live chat, your service representative will be handle multiple chats simultaneously.  Moreover, your live chat can be up to 30% cheaper than a phone call.
  2. Increase sale – customers who use live chat are three times more likely to make a purchase. This is in part due to customers being able to quickly get feedback on a product they were considering purchasing.

New, but Not

While the technology is not new, live chat is becoming an expectation of your customer and not a bonus for them.  The technology was first developed in 1973 at the University of Illinois and called Talkomatic.  However, it is becoming the customer service channel of choice with customer satisfaction in the high 90s.

As you explore this option for your business website, consider our sales-centered partnership approach.  Our live chat response service provides a constant and direct link between you and your customers.  If you would like to explore how we can support you and your customers, give us a call.

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