December 22, 2022

Mythbusting 4 Reasons Businesses Think They Don’t Need to Outsource Sales

As a savvy business leader, you understand that sales only close when a seller and buyer see eye-to-eye on the value of the service or product being offered. It’s about building value and creating an effortless experience for your clients. After all, no one wants to feel like they’re just being sold to!

You must also meet client expectations in order to deliver satisfaction. Do they expect your offering to solve a problem? Help them reach a new goal? Whatever it is, you need to set and meet their expectations.

Finally, results must be measurable so your team has direct insight into what is working and what needs improvement. What kind of feedback and sales objections are you receiving? Where should you invest more time, energy, and money? And where should you stop spending?

Sales involve significant research, analysis, people skills, and time. That’s why many businesses choose to outsource sales, which comes with many benefits—some of which you may not have considered, such as:

But for every reason to purchase or do business, there is often an objection of equal measure. Here is what we have to say about four objections that may have stopped you from outsourcing sales sooner.

1. “I Can Do That Myself…”

It’s one of the most common objections we hear: Why outsource sales when I can do it myself?

A crucial lesson as a business owner or leader is knowing when to invest in outside resources. Just because you can handle sales internally doesn’t mean that you should. It’s a time-consuming responsibility that will eat up even more time if you and your team are inexperienced in sales. This translates to:

Outsourcing creates opportunity for growth, streamlining, and improvement of processes in other areas of your business.

A businessman struggling to keep up with work without lead generation services

Outsourced sales, specifically, allows your company to grow faster by partnering with an outside sales team with experience in your industry. Then, you can determine which approach is best for you, such as velocity (i.e., focused on booking as many qualified meetings on your internal sales team’s calendar as possible) or dedicated resources (i.e., focused on passing the highest quality leads to your internal sales team).

Additionally, outsourcing sales improves efficiency by giving your internal staff more time to focus on critical projects and responsibilities. For example, product designers and engineers can focus on product development. Employee satisfaction and productivity will increase when they can focus on what they enjoy most.

As the visionary and driver of the company, it’s up to you to ensure you and your team don’t get bogged down or distracted by work that would be better off delegated. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on opportunities for expansion and progress.

2. “It’s Too Expensive…”

Many small business owners assume that hiring a third party is more expensive than hiring an internal sales team. But when you outsource sales, you can save on:

Partnering with an outsourced sales company doesn’t add an external cost to your current operating expenses. Instead, it replaces an internal cost with a likely more manageable external one.

Consider it an investment in optimizing your customer experience. Zippia compiled research that found:

Your SDR team plays a crucial role here by:

Customer service employees on the phone overcoming sales objections.

Overall, consider that if an external sales team is more effective than implementing the sales strategy yourself, the service is, in part, paying for itself. Phone calls are more effective than email in some specific cases—especially when the caller is trained in handling sales conversations properly. 

Time is the most expensive resource because it can never be replaced. We, at Chameleon use time to create sales. In turn, you can use the saved time to manage other critical aspects of your business. When you outsource sales to the right partner, it can help you stand out with a superior customer experience from the first touch.

3. “I Am the Expert on My Product…”

Should you really outsource sales when you’re the expert in your product and field? 

Being so close to your business can make it difficult to bridge the gap between your solution and your audience in a way that resonates with them. And while you know your product inside and out, you and your small team may not be as well-versed in:

An outsourced sales team offers complementary perspective and resources to close more deals and scale your business. First, outside SDR companies already have:

You can also draw on external expertise and experiences when you outsource sales. Your SDR team knows how to handle sales objections and the intense early sales stage with ease and can guide you in implementing effective sales processes. They’ll even help you analyze feedback and data to shift your strategy as needed.

We all have blind spots in our businesses. While you may feel you have optimized sales systems, there could be tools and techniques sales professionals are aware of and specifically equipped to handle. For example, they could help you: 

4. “I Don’t Want a Call Center Annoying My Prospects…”

You don’t want a call center conducting your sales—we don’t want that for you, either! You need a vetted, invested, and engaged sales team that will represent your business as well as your internal personnel would.

Fortunately, a call center and an outsourced sales team are not one and the same. While a call center usually focuses solely on inbound customer service or technical support, a sales center consists of experienced sales professionals focused on revenue-driving activities. An SDR provider:

As mentioned earlier, uses best-in-class technology and processes to report, analyze, and advise your future sales strategy

Outsourced sales is just one form of business process outsourcing (BPO), or hiring a third-party to manage certain backend and customer-facing tasks. So, what’s the difference between a BPO and a call center? 

Simply put, an outsourced sales team can be hired to execute the same tasks as an internal sales team. They offer more comprehensive services than many assume and operate by the same standards, as opposed to limited telemarketing or call centers. Two more key differences are:

Final Thoughts on Outsourcing Sales Myths…

If you’re wondering whether it makes sense for your small business to outsource sales, hopefully, these mythbusters have enlightened you! This investment can present many opportunities and empower you grow and scale your company. 

Generally, outsourcing sales can help you:

The right outsourced sales team relationship will be based on trust with an agency that will represent your business with as much integrity as they’d represent themselves. We would never expect or encourage any business to collaborate with an outside SDR team they feel would do more harm than good to their processes, functionality, or first impressions on prospective clients.
To get to know Chameleon and find out if we’re a good fit, please reach out for a deeper discussion on collaboration opportunities today.

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