October 25, 2023

How Can a Call Center for Business Help Your Marketing Agency?

As a marketing agency leader, you’ve probably heard of various ways to use a call center for business—but have you considered how it could support your agency itself?

You can hire an outsourced call center to “white label” their client services. This simply means you rebrand their services as your own. Fortunately, an experienced call center can integrate seamlessly into your agency’s processes and operations to deliver a streamlined, positive client experience.

Marketing agencies face several significant pain points due to the current job market and economy, such as: 

While a call center can solve many of these challenges, we’re diving into three specific services any marketing agency could benefit from:

Read on to learn how this partnership could boost your agency’s performance.

Thinking Outside the Box: Using Telephone Services for Lead Generation

As a marketing agency, generating leads is one of your primary goals with each client. And you likely do this through mostly online methods—paid search ads, SEO campaigns, email marketing, lead magnets, blogging, social media, and so on. Even as a team of experts, it can be difficult to constantly generate leads, manage these strategies, and implement the latest techniques regularly.

Have you considered leveraging a call center for business to conduct outbound lead generation? Branching out by using an outsourced contact center for this vital area could set you apart from other agencies and produce more leads for your clients without adding more to your team’s plate. 

While digital marketing methods are pivotal to a company’s overall marketing strategy, cold calling is still highly effective. In fact, about 2.5% of cold calls lead to successful meetings, and nearly 6.3% turn into sales! 

Of course, we’re not saying cold calling is the ONLY method. It works best as part of a holistic marketing strategy, accompanying efforts like email campaigns, which help build solid customer relationships. Afterall, 96% of customers DO want to speak to a sales rep when they’re ready to buy. 

An external call center can:

Cold outreach by experienced telemarketing agents with top-notch technology, combined with your agency’s strategic lead generation efforts, make a powerful duo!

Employees at a call center for business

Understaffed? Explore an Unexpected Solution

Many companies—marketing agencies included—are facing being understaffed because of the Great Resignation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that about 4 million Americans (2.6% of the workforce) quit their jobs last October, and the trend has continued. 

When talent leaves, those who stay are often overwhelmed trying to juggle even more than their usual workload, leading to burnout. Not to mention, constantly hiring and training new employees is an expensive time suck.

This is why it’s critical to have a business continuity plan in case of emergencies or short staffing. Planning and having the right partners will:

One way you can do this is by hiring a call center for business to help take some of the load off of your existing staff, whether you’re in the process of hiring or have decided to stop hiring internally. A few key benefits of a call center for marketing agencies include:

All of the above means better customer service and a happier, more balanced staff. It could also significantly impact your reputation and growth—96% of customers say customer service is essential to their buying choices. At the same time, companies lose over $62 billion in yearly revenue thanks to poor customer service. Yikes!
Whether business is busy or slow, you can combat B2B seasonality and ease staffing strains with support from a call center for business.

A call center for marketing agencies when they’re understaffed

How Can You Best Get to Know Your Client’s Customers?

Another of your key jobs as a marketing agency is identifying the right target audience for your clients. This has traditionally meant a lot of leg work, including:

Simply put, understanding and narrowing down the target audience for each client is extremely involved and time-consuming. That’s why outsourced call centers for business can help clients with market research.

When you entrust your inbound call service provider with market research, they can provide you and your clients with:

Think about it: Your outsourced call center agents are talking to your clients’ customers daily, gathering their feedback, and finding out what is going well and what could be improved. Who is better positioned to conduct market research and help you find ways to enhance their customer experience?
Zippia found that 67% of companies have experienced tremendous growth by collecting customer feedback. Imagine the impact that consistent feedback collection and market research could have for each of your clients—on top of  all the time and resources your agency could save by outsourcing it.

Employees at an inbound call center

Final Thoughts on How a Call Center Can Help Your Marketing Agency

While marketing agencies face unique challenges in our current economic and job landscape, a call center for business can certainly help ease several pain points that eat up most of their time and resources by:

A contact center can also provide robust customer service, appointment setting, database management services—and more! These will maximize your operations and marketing efforts by ensuring no prospect or customer falls between the cracks and every single one receives a consistent, high-quality experience.

The best part is you can white-label these services as your own, offering even more value to your clients as the powerhouse agency that you are.
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