July 14, 2023

What Are Inbound Call Services? Do You Really Know?

When you consider an outsourced call center, you probably imagine outbound activity. But did you know that some call centers also provide inbound call services? 

Outbound focuses on lead generation and refers to agents making outgoing calls to your prospects. Inbound, on the other hand, refers to who answers your phone and responds to your online chat and emails to filter and forward customer requests accordingly.

Inbound support typically focuses on strengthening customer loyalty and retention by providing exceptional customer service. Specifically, inbound call centers can also play a pivotal role in:

That said, you don’t want just anyone handling your inbound activity. You need trained people to take every incoming call, chat, and email like the sales opportunities that they are. Read on to better understand those inbound call services you may already know and several bonus ways they can help your business.

Inbound Marketing Services You May Already Know About

Many of us can think of a few inbound marketing services an inbound call center offers. Email management, customer support, and appointment setting are common areas where many companies find their internal teams bogged down. 

Outsourcing these tasks, however, allows your team to focus on more high-level, growth-generating activities.

Email Management

Email management involves much more than inbox organization. In terms of inbound marketing, it also entails the accurate capture, retention, and management of emails that your employees create and receive. Effective email management includes classifying and qualifying leads, tracking incidents, and gathering vital customer insights.

When your employees have to manage all of this independently, things can fall through the cracks—meaning your business could lose money! Outsourcing email management can help prevent this by: 

Customer Support

Managing customer support internally can be chaotic between the inbound sales calls and customer service inquiries. Not to mention, they’re likely coming via phone, webchats, and emails. And if you have a lean team, it can be especially hectic.

Inbound call centers have efficient procedures to deal with all of the above, including: 

Employees providing inbound call services

Speaking of tech, have you incorporated online chat (on your website) into your inbound call strategy? Today’s customers expect this feature, which: 

Webchat can be used for everything from pre-purchase inquiries to tech support for existing customers. It can go a long way toward increasing conversions and improving the customer experience, which is why it’s one of the crucial inbound call services your contact center can handle for you.

Appointment Setting

How much time does your sales team spend gathering and contacting leads to schedule sales meetings? A fair amount, most likely. Sure, this is a critical part of the sales process. But when your reps sift through dead leads, they miss out on those high-quality hot ones.

Many companies outsource appointment-setting services so their sales reps can focus on closing those hot leads. An inbound call center can book meetings on behalf of your team, offering:

An inbound call center will make this process more efficient and help your sales team reach your revenue goals by scheduling more meetings with your target customers.

Inbound call center appointment setting

What Other Inbound Call Center Services Can Help Your Business?

Maybe email management, customer support, and appointment setting were already on your radar. But what other inbound call services could you invest in to reduce the burden on your internal team?

An inbound call center can also adapt to your company’s sales processes and brand, often helping increase your revenue with prospects and existing clients!

Inside Sales Support

We’ve seen many lean sales staff get overwhelmed trying to juggle every aspect of sales and customer support. Sales start declining, and they aren’t reaching their target audience. They often need fresh ideas, techniques, or services to serve clients better and stand out.

When you partner with the right call center, they can help your sales team become more effective by:

Sometimes, you need an outside eye to revitalize your sales processes and revenue.

Trade Show and Event Support

So, you’re planning a killer trade show or webinar. It’s taken a lot of planning and effort, and you want to ensure you maximize your ROI—after all, lead generation is the number one reason for hosting an event. But who will be managing the sales portion?

A hybrid call center can support your team before, during, and after the event, including:

Thirty-six percent of marketers leave trade shows disappointed, feeling like they only got low-value leads. However, 67% of all attendees represent a new prospect for exhibitors—talk about potential! 

With robust inbound call services to back up your sales team, you can generate high-quality leads and ensure you don’t miss a single opportunity from your latest event. 

Contract Renewals

Contract renewals are crucial to your company’s growth. In a well-known study by Bain & Company, researchers found that a mere 5% increase in customer retention can boost profits by more than 25%.
But contract renewals require significant ongoing work and must be handled smoothly to optimize the customer experience. Whether renewing an existing maintenance contract or upgrading a customer to a new agreement, these conversations should happen well before the contract expires or automatically renews.

Inbound customer service contract renewal

Your busy team may struggle to establish and manage this laborious process on their own, which is where an inbound call center can step in to:

These inbound call services will integrate with your existing system to build a shared management database, which tracks data and efficiently handles contract renewals.

Data Management & List Cleansing

What does your data management and list cleansing process look like? If you’re wondering what that entails, chances are you need a better system, and your list needs some TLC.

Data management is how you capture, organize, and maintain your data. For our purposes, we’re talking about your contact list. It’s also crucial to clean your data regularly, meaning you should update or remove errors, corruptions, duplicates, and incomplete data from your list.

Comprehensive data management and scrubbing will help increase your company’s efficiency and productivity, drive effective sales and marketing, and empower wise business decisions. However, this requires significant resources and programs, such as:

This is intensive, tedious work—but an inbound call center can manage this much more efficiently because they already have the proper tools and knowledge. That means your team won’t have to research and learn new software or manage this process. Call centers do this daily using various systems and will integrate their solutions with your strategies.

Ready for Your Business to Benefit From Inbound Call Services?

As you can see, an outsourced call center does more than just inbound and outbound calling! They can take on as many related functions as you need, allowing your employees to focus on what they do best, from closing deals to creating marketing campaigns. 

With their extensive and diverse experience in sales, call center services will get to know your brand, products/services, and procedures to represent your company on every channel seamlessly.

Chameleon offers all of the above and more—including internationally in most languages so your customers can enjoy excellent 24/7 service from anywhere. Plus, we can provide many additional inbound call services, so start a conversation to discuss your unique situation, and we’ll find the best solution for your needs. Learn more about our inbound marketing services today.

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