July 25, 2023

Multilingual Call Center Benefits: A Competitive Advantage for Your Business

So, you’re shopping for a call center to support your internal team. But have you been keeping an eye out for a multilingual call center? 

This may not be the first thing that comes to mind as you search for an outsourced call center, but it is much more important than you might think! Partnering with a multilingual team of agents will help you: 

Whether you are based in the United States or anywhere else in the world, your call center should be equipped to provide international and multilingual services—from inbound and outbound calls to emails to web chat. Read on to learn why multilingual customer service is crucial for your business’s success and competitive advantage.

A happy customer of a multilingual call center

Customer Satisfaction: The Most Important Reason for Working With a Multilingual Call Center

Consider how your team currently handles non-native-speaking customer inquiries. Your sales or customer service teams may have difficulty understanding the client and vice versa. This is frustrating for both parties, creates a negative experience for the customer, and affects the potential sale.

The #1 reason for using a multilingual call center? You guessed it—taking your customer experience to the next level! In fact, 72% of consumers said they are more likely to buy something with information in their own language, while 56% value being able to find information in their native language over price.

This trickles down into the many other benefits of multilingual and international services. Having agents that speak the same language as your customers allows for a better customer experience because:

When you make people feel heard (literally!) and cared for in their native language, they are more likely to become repeat customers. Not to mention, your brand image and recognition will improve as happy clients from different regions and languages spread the word about your five-star multilanguage services.

Multilanguage services helping business owners expand their business

Opportunities for International Business or eCommerce Expansion

Are you planning to expand internationally? Perhaps you already do business around the globe? Either way, partnering with a multilingual call center means you:

A call center that provides international services is equipped to handle most languages and already has systems in place for international business practices. These linguists have skills and experience in areas like customer service, sales, marketing, tech support, and even virtual receptionist services to help you expand into new markets seamlessly.

An international call center can also be critical for eCommerce businesses, which are rapidly becoming the norm. eCommerce sales in 2022 were estimated to surpass $5.7 trillion—and are expected to skyrocket past $8 trillion by 2026!

But many companies are still missing out! Intercom’s survey of non-native English-speaking SaaS customers states, “29% of businesses say they’ve lost customers because they don’t offer multilingual support.” Ouch!

The same survey found that 35% of SaaS users would switch products to one that offers support in their native language. So yes, it’s worth paying attention to customers worldwide and providing multilingual call center services, especially if you plan to expand your eCommerce business on a global scale.

A multilingual customer service call center

Outsourcing International & Multilingual Call Center Services: A Competitive Edge for Your Business

As mentioned earlier, customers will feel more comfortable speaking with someone who can talk to them in their language. This will foster this trust and help you land more sales and generate more leads through customer referrals. 

Partnering with a multilingual call center:

A multilingual call center will help lower call abandonment rates, increase conversion rates, and even improve sales. After all, customers will be more confident in your company and likely to buy after engaging in their native language.

Why Consider Multilingual Call Center Services?

Many businesses searching for their first call center partner don’t consider multilingual services, but it’s essential in today’s global market. You must meet your customers’ needs no matter their native language—not just for them but for the growth and success of your business!

A multilingual call center is the key to: 

Recruiting and retaining an internal multilingual team would be a significant undertaking. But outsourcing these services will make it easy and cost-effective, creating happy customers and a stronger business. 
As an outsourced call center with multilingual agents and systems, Chameleon can deliver our full services in nearly every language. We’ll support your team with sales, marketing, and customer service on the phone, via email, and through online chat. And we’re happy to craft a solution that suits your company’s unique global needs! Contact us today to learn more about our multilingual and international services.

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