December 30, 2020

Recovery Friendly Workplace Update

The Chameleon Group is, and has been, a long-time partner and advocate for Recovery Friendly Workplace, an initiative led by New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu.  This initiative provides resources and support to businesses to support employees in recovery from substance use disorder.  This initiative is the first of its kind in the nation.  As a partner, Chameleon has been featured locally by NHPR, New Hampshire Union Leader, and

Chameleon and RFW

Chameleon President and CEO, Dana Lariviere is on record saying, “Other people have drug addicts on their payroll.  The difference is I know it. I don’t care what your story is. If you’re willing to work, we’re happy to have you”.  This attitude is the driving force behind Chameleon’s effort to support the Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW) initiative and give his employees in recovery a second chance at building a future for themselves. While the program supports those in recovery, it also provides lifeline to those who may be suffering addiction in silence.  RFW’s efforts include providing a path to recovery. Especially for those who have yet to seek treatment or fear judgement from their employer.

This is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Remote working has removed most of the consistent structure for those in recovery.  For many, this means a potential relapse.  Recently, Dana said, “the pandemic has dramatically changed the way we work and keeping our employees in recovery, connected, and healthy was a primary concern”.  RFW continues to give businesses guidance and support to help any employee suffering from substance use disorders.

RFW News

In a December 30th press release it was announced that RFW now supports 279 business in the state of New Hampshire.  This is an increase of 250 businesses from the pilot program two years ago.  Furthermore, over 13,000 employees have engaged in RFW activities and training modules.

Above all, Dana and CEO Vinny Bossi are proud to support RFW. As well as continuing to be a beacon of hope for their employees.  Together they seek to set an example for New Hampshire businesses that providing a second chance to those suffering from substance use disorder is a win-win-win proposition – for the employee, the business and the Granite State.

The success of the RFW initiative is clear and we invite you to read the press release here and learn more about RFW by watching their video.

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