October 31, 2019

Hiring the Right People at the Right Time

Every hiring manager has a mental stack of hiring mistakes.  These are people that we brought on board that didn’t fit the culture, didn’t understand the brand, or couldn’t invest in the position.  These hiring challenges force us to reevaluate our hiring protocols.  Here are a couple thoughts to consider when evaluating your hiring practices:

Applicant Tracking Software

One of the best ways to screen for qualified candidates is the use applicant management software.  These programs offer hiring managers the ability to collect, organize, and filter applicants and applicant credentials.  Jobscan found that over 98% of Fortune 500 companies are using some type of applicant tracking system.  However, these systems aren’t just for large organizations – even your small business could benefit from their use.

Get Social

You may want to consider the use of social media for your recruitment needs.  Instagram and Facebook are the leading social media platforms.  These platforms provide businesses direct connections to their customers and potential employees.  LinkedIn has the opportunity to post jobs and provide more access to serious job seekers.  Furthermore, LinkedIn reports that 90% of their over 600 million users are open to the right job opportunity.

Don’t Panic

Managers have a habit of hiring ‘warm bodies’ when pressured during busy times.  This is usually a person that we haven’t vetted thoroughly or doesn’t have the experience we would typically look for.  This is more of a reflection of our practices and preparation than the candidates. So, here are some considerations to make when hiring – even in an accelerated time frame:

  1. Does this person fit our current culture?
  2. Can this person help further the culture we envision?
  3. Can we train this person on the job?
  4. Does this person have demonstrable skills that fit our need?
  5. What attitudes does this person demonstrate?
  6. Do we need a full-time person or would a freelance position better suit this position?
  7. Do we have the resources to support this candidate in the position?

Chameleon Group has successfully implemented some innovative hiring practices and we’d love to share our ideas with you.

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