December 8, 2021

List Cleansing for 2022

The holiday season has commenced, and the turn of the calendar is quickly approaching. We have written extensively about the importance of list cleansing and list enhancement. This is the annual call to action to cleanse your email and contact lists.

Last year we discussed the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on your contact lists. Those impacts have continued to wreak havoc on bounced emails and invalid contact information. As workers continue to leave organizations, it is important to keep critical contacts updated.


There were close to 320 billion emails sent in 2021. How many of your emails went to dead ends? How many phone calls have you made in 2021 that result in “they don’t work here anymore” responses? Given the labor challenges, you are probably wearing many hats. Therefore, it is important that you do not waste your time and resources finding new contacts.

Cleansing v. Enhancement

List Cleansing: Cleansing your list means reviewing and researching each contact to ensure that their email has not changed or is no longer active. Just as critical as email, it is important to ensure that phone numbers are still current. This process will help your sales team avoid wasted time running down current information. The result of list cleansing is a sleeker, relevant list that reaches all your potential clients. Free up your time by enlisting an organization that specializes in list cleansing.

List Enhancement: Enhancing your list involves investigation into each company and the contact. This process includes tracking down contacts that have fallen off the map or may no longer be engaging with your email marketing campaigns. List enhancement is a more personal process because it involves speaking to organizational contacts. Whether your organization purchased a contact list or built it yourself, maintaining and updating your lists should be completed on a regular basis. This remains an important process as the pandemic continues to snarl business and jobs.


Chameleon Group provides a variety of solutions, including list cleansing/enhancement. We look forward to helping your organization clean up your databases and grow your sales throughout 2022.


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