January 29, 2021

Digital Feedback

Over the last 12 months, businesses have rapidly adapted to a more digital business environment.  While this is mostly because of the ongoing pandemic, it is also because that is where customers go to find what they need.  Because of the deep dependence on the internet and social media, your digital fingerprint is important to your success and having digital feedback is a great way to draw in new business.


Two years ago, we discussed ways to solicit feedback from your customers.  We proposed reaching out to customers individually, after a transaction, and in bulk quarterly.  Reviews left on your Google listing are a great way for people to learn more about your offerings.  However, social media has exploded as a place for people to express their opinions and reviews of a business.  Using social media to solicit feedback is a great way for you to highlight satisfied customers.  We offer some updated tips for soliciting and posting customer reviews and feedback.

Social Tools

Video – Video conferencing tools like Zoom and WebEx have proliferated our lives.  The reliance on these tools will not subside when the pandemic ends. These tools will remain a part of our lives as we reduce expenses of travel and meet virtually.  Along with the use of these tools has come a new capacity for people to use their phones.

Videos are a great way for happy customers to provide you with feedback. A quick 30 to 40 second video review of your products and services is all you need.  You can request a customer complete this quick video and send it to you.  Our phones are not only great for capturing video, but for editing video as well.  There are a number of apps that allow you to do quick edits and post to your social media.  For example, iPhone users have access to iMovie which allows for a number of quick and simple edits including the addition of titles, filters, and background music.  This app is even great for novice users.

Social Tagging – Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow users to tag people and businesses in posts.  Another great way to use social media to your advantage is to have a customer write a review of your business on their social pages and tag you. This tool allows your customer’s contacts to see how satisfied they are with your business and allows you to share their post.  What makes this a great option is that is amplifies the review by increasing viewers and impressions.  Social media algorithms play an important role in what content is displayed first on your contact’s home pages.  Increased activity shows the social media platform that the content is engaging, increasing your chances of being seen by a larger audience.

In summary, increased engagement and digital feedback on your social pages through video and social tagging can make a noticeable difference in how many people see and interact with your content.  These simple actions bring increase ROI and content you put on social media.

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