August 5, 2015

Seasoned Sales Tips: The Avalanche Close

The “avalanche close” is an important sales tip to understand.

This sales technique is best practiced when trying to bring out an answer and overcome the objections of a reluctant prospect. This usually takes place after a few minutes of polite conversation, after they have expressed a level of interest but an equal level of hesitance.

You will hear things like, “We haven’t discussed it,” or “We’re not at that point yet,” and of course, “I don’t know…

The avalanche close is the best response to bringing out crucial information that is usually already there, just unspoken. Once you hear “I’m not sure…” that’s your cue. Respond with “Yes, I understand,” followed by the avalanche close, “But if you envision the place you want to be in a year from now, what  would be the one solution to get you there?” The specifics will vary depending on the product you’re selling, but the sales technique is sound.

Now, the prospect may continue to be reluctant and you might still get a hesitant answer, but you can come back with, “I completely understand, and I’m not asking you to make a decision to purchase our product. But if you had to pick a day and a time to chat with a rep in the future, when would it be?”

Even if the close doesn’t lead to a sale, the follow-up option is almost guaranteed. This sales tip helps you navigate through indecisiveness smoothly and gets you one step closer to securing information and finalizing a lead. I wish you luck, and I hope this tip helps you as much as it still helps me!

Take a look at this article on sales calls for more helpful information, as well as our previous Seasoned Sales Tips blog. Hire Chameleon for the expertise you need in sales calls, or call us for more information at (603)570-4300.

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