December 12, 2018

Using Live Chat to Improve Your Customer Experience and Increase Sales

Benefits of Using Live Chat on Your Website

Finding communication tools that are helpful and not harmful is a daunting task for the small business owner. Live chat has received a bad rap in the past, based on user experience. Clunky software created an issue of lack of personal “real feel” experience.

New Software and Better Training for Live Chat

Because newer software is available, the experience has improved. A live, professional, trained person on the other end ready to jump in has also improved customer satisfaction.

Cutting Edge Software

First impressions are everything in the world of business. Live chat response systems are on the cutting edge of consumer interaction. Live chat functions provide consumers with direct access to a business representative, anytime. Another key point is that live chat increases your response time. These portals are valuable features for sales-oriented companies, as they can save time and present a successful and responsive company image.

Beyond increasing communication levels with customers, other major benefits for using live chat include:

Live chat agents can multi-task and assist multiple customers at one time. Specifically, properly trained call agents can sometimes handle three or four customers concurrently. This saves time and money for the company.

Customers know there is a real person on the other end whose only job is to answer their question. Undoubtedly, the customer has a higher trust level with the chat agent. He may share information with him or her in an informal chat setting that might not normally come out in a phone call. Customers also feel less like they are being sold to as compared to a phone call.

Chat platforms allow businesses to track every interaction as they occur. Business owners also have access to detailed reporting such as call time and success rates. A point often overlooked is how easy it is to manage employee interaction to improve training as needed.

In summary, no matter what you are currently using or what your experience has been with live chat in the past, give us a call. Chameleon Group can meet to discuss how this feature can make a great impression on your customers and close more sales.

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