October 20, 2015

Should I Leave a Voicemail on a Sales Call?

This is a topic of much debate. Should I leave a voicemail on a sales call or not?

There are a couple of opinions on this subject.  Here are some things to consider:

  1. Can I get back to this person’s extension?
  2. How many attempts have I made to reach this person?
  3. Am I going to be calling this person again?
  4. Do I have a motivating call to action or reason for them to call me back?

I personally leave a voicemail most of the time when I’m trying to contact someone.

The chances are, if they’re interested in listening to what I have to say, they’ll call me back if I leave a message. If I don’t leave a message, it’s on me to reach out to this person again.

Another reason I choose to leave a voicemail is that it often sparks an interest where there may not have been one before. Oftentimes I’ll reach someone and they will tell me that they have been thinking about what I’m calling about for the last few weeks. It just so happens that I left my first message for them a few weeks prior to that.

Ultimately, whether or not you choose to leave a voicemail on a sales call comes down to personal preference. Experiment until you find a system that works for you.

If you are going to leave a voicemail, here are a few tips:

  1. Speak slowly and clearly.
  2. Start with who you are and who you work for.
  3. Have a motivating call to action.
  4. Let them know you are about to tell them how to reach you.
  5. Reconfirm who you are and who you work for.

When listening to a message, most people will not write down your information until they know they want to call you back. That’s why it’s best to give your contact information again, after the call to action.

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Written by Joel from Chameleon

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