November 25, 2023

Harvesting Gratitude: A Thanksgiving Tribute of Customer and Employee Appreciation

With the Holiday Season approaching, gratitude is in the air! And at Chameleon Group, we’re focusing specifically on client and employee appreciation this week. On that note, we’d like to wish our customers and team a happy Thanksgiving.

Creating an inclusive company culture is always at the forefront of our business. Part of that is expressing gratitude for those who keep our organization running and allow us to do what we love. We wrote a message to our amazing clients and employees in that spirit.

To Our Clients: Thank You From the Bottom of Our Hearts

One of the joys of our business is working with diverse companies and knowing we’re helping them on their missions. We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with intelligent, talented, and innovative teams. 

Alex Timofeev, Director at Dassault Systemes, said, “When we had to rapidly quantify demand and generate leads for a newly launched product, Chameleon Group took on the challenge of quickly learning about the capabilities and value for our customers. The team’s commitment and efforts led to active engagements with our customers and prospects, resulting in an assessment of market demand, a growing sales funnel, and leading to new customers and deals.”

Finally, Henry Woods, Director of Sales at Guardian MPS, shared, “We have found [Chameleon] to be dedicated, reliable, creative, very organized, and a lot of fun. There is no doubt that a lot of our recent success has been greatly helped by Chameleon’s expertise and market knowledge, and we expect to be working with them for many years to come.”

An example of employee recognition ideas

Thank you all for sharing these kind testimonials. This feedback is fulfilling as we strive to deliver stellar service to each client so your teams can focus on their passion, expertise, and growth. We’re thrilled to be working with incredible businesses that challenge us in new ways, and we can’t wait to see what the coming year brings!

To Our Employees: Chameleon Would Not Be Here Without YOU

We also want to express sincere employee appreciation! You keep Chameleon going and ensure our clients have incredible success and experiences.

Chameleon has been made better by the diverse talent we’ve been fortunate enough to bring on board. We have our employees to thank for our focus on creating a positive, safe, and healthy corporate culture. It began several years ago when founder Dana Lariviere’s eyes were opened to the benefits of becoming a recovery-friendly workplace.

This journey has led us to focus on the big picture of mental health and offering team members not just a job but a career and community. Here are what just a few of our team members are saying:

“My favorite part about my job here is just knowing that I’m very supported. There [are] a lot of people that encourage you to do your best, and they want to see you do your best,” April, a Business Development Representative, explained. 

Kellyanne, a Business Development Rep., shared, “They promote activity and reinforce the company goal, which is to keep Chameleon Group going in the right direction and keep our clients happy. My favorite part about the job is the staff, they see hope as an essential element of leadership because being hopeful promotes greatness.”

An example of how to show employee appreciation

Finally, Training Manager Brian said, “[We] foster an environment of learning and success and passion for what you do.” His favorite part of working here? “[Lifting] each other up, feeding off of each other, generating the excitement that’s required for a position like this.”

This feedback is a delight to hear as we emphasize employee appreciation! We want every team member to feel motivated and supported so that they can achieve their goals and potential. And we’re so grateful to have such hardworking, dedicated, and friendly employees.

How Chamleon Gives Back: Our Thanksgiving Celebration and More

Speaking of employee appreciation, we are excited to host our annual Thanksgiving celebration, one of (if not the most) beloved team-building events each year! On this fun-filled day, the team makes turkeys and enjoys a delicious meal together. 
This Thanksgiving meal is one of the many ways we give back to our team. We have even more Food Days (e.g., chili competitions, game day BBQs, and monthly breakfasts) and employee recognition efforts. These events aren’t just about the food—they’re a way to bring people together and encourage those in addiction recovery, with social anxiety, and introverts who find it challenging to connect.

A business showing employee appreciation

As a recovery-friendly workplace, we also support our team members in unique ways as they get back on their feet, including a food pantry, mental health support and services, and even attending drug court graduations. Additionally, we’ve acquired our Recovery Friendly Workplace and “Place” designations. Check out this article to learn how to show employee appreciation and get involved in mental health initiatives.

Best Wishes for the Start of a Happy Holiday Season!

Once again, thanks to our incredible customers and employees for another great year of loyalty and hard work! We are always learning from those we work with and for. 

And to our fellow business owners, don’t forget to show some signs of employee appreciation this holiday season.

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