May 17, 2016

E-mail Response Marketing

Custom Inbound Marketing Campaigns

At Chameleon Group, we adapt to your current web response marketing platform, or help you establish a new one. Internet marketing is a strong tool for generating leads, and it’s important for any business to have an active web response platform.

Email Lead Response Management

An outdated or unmanaged web response platform is a waste of assets. How do you know if the recipients of your company’s free offers are qualified leads worth your time? Oftentimes, they’re not.

Chameleon prevents wasted time for your company by providing real time updates and lead scoring, filtering out the unqualified prospects so your sales force can focus on quality leads.

How Can Email Response Marketing Help Your Business?

We provide peace of mind for businesses by fully managing their email response campaigns.

We help your sales force operate more efficiently by managing your inbound marketing responses and providing insightful analytics. For more information on email response marketing and our inbound marketing techniques, contact Chameleon Group at 800-773-9182.

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