March 29, 2020

Work from Home

The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly changing the way many people around the globe work.  Especially here in the United States as local governments are issuing shelter-in-place orders and the closing non-essential businesses.  These orders are moving people out of the corporate office and into the home office.  There are many challenges that accompany this shift.  Working at the corporate office has built in structure and social guidelines.  Just because you can now roll out of bed and into the office, doesn’t mean you should.  How do you maintain your work productivity while working from home?

Work From Home

One of the best ways to adjust to working from home is to continue your routines.  If you would normally wake up at 6am to eat breakfast or shower, continue doing that.  Get dressed as you would if you were going into the office.  This is especially important in a world with more and more video conferencing options.  Also, set working hours for yourself.  If you would work in the office from 9am-5pm, make sure that you stick to those hours.  It is also important to continue the routines you have that separate you from work.  If you would go to the gym after work, you can go for a walk/run around the neighborhood.  Disconnecting from work when you are working from home is more difficult, so it is important that you do.

Set Boundaries

There will also be additional challenges to working from home that varies from our corporate lifestyles.  When working from home there will be distractions from family members, the television, and maybe a willingness to distract yourself longer.  It is important to set ground rules with your family for appropriate interactions during the day.

Out of Office Challenges

We understand that not every business has the infrastructure to operate remotely.  But we have systems in place to help your business with things such as forwarding calls or customer outreach.  We understand that if you are working outside the office, your powers could be limited.  Whether you are a current Chameleon client or future client, we are here to support you while you navigate the challenges of working from home.  Please reach out to us to find out how we can be of service.

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