March 16, 2015

Who’s On First? Inbound Marketing Services

Here’s something you’ve probably never done before…give yourself a phone call. Go ahead, call that bright and shiny 800 number on your website. And then ask yourself…who’s on first?

In your company, you might have a number of part-time employees who serve as “secretary.” Or maybe it’s Debbie at the front desk who always picks up the phone first. These may be great people, but are they qualified to properly field your incoming sales opportunities? You need someone well-versed in your company’s services who can answer pertinent questions and provide fast and accurate lead filtration.

We all remember trying to keep up with Abbot and Costello in that famous hectic skit. We’d bounce back and forth, trying to make sense of their rapid-fire rhetoric. We laughed at Costello’s blunders, but there’s a business lesson in there.

Accurate filtering and prompt response to inbound marketing is critical. When a potential client contacts your company, they need to speak with a very specific person in a very specific department, without having to jump through hoops to get there. Who’s on first when it comes to that [email protected]?

Lead filtration and response is just one of Chameleon Group’s many areas of expertise. We help business owners fine-tune their strategy by directing and responding to every form of their inbound leads.

But enough about who clients talk to…a growing business should also be asking how did they get here? Here’s the bottom line: marketing produces leads. It’s crucial to your company’s success to understand where those leads come from. Every inbound client has a story that can help you hone your marketing strategy. When you hire our services, we give clients an opportunity to tell that story.

Our Chameleon Group team likes to “staple” themselves to your inbound marketing prospects, making sure they get where they need to go, but also learning what brought them to you: was it your email campaigns, website content, radio ads, social media presence…? Every answer provides metrics that help you strategize more effectively.

Remember, inbound marketing means leads. Leads are customers. Customers are people. Next time you make a business call, think about your own company, and then ask yourself, who’s on first? And more importantly, how did they get here? We can’t wait to offer you our expertise.

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