April 18, 2023

Washington DC Expert Panel: Welcoming Dana Lariviere to Discuss Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiatives

The effects of the opioid crisis in the workplace are still a constant burden in today’s workplace and governments, professional institutions and businesses alike agree that they need to be addressed.

Untreated addiction costs New Hampshire’s economy $2.36 Billion. 66% of that cost ($1.5 Billion) is incurred by businesses in the form of impaired productivity and absenteeism.

Our very own Dana Lariviere has been asked to join a panel of experts on April 18 hosted by research leader, the Brookings Institution. There, panelists will discuss how opioid addiction hurts the labor supply, and how employers are trying to create a work atmosphere that is empathetic to the challenges that recovering addicts face as employees.  

What Does the Brookings Institution Do?

Founded in 1916 and originally known as the Institute for Government Research (IGR), the Brookings Institution became the first private organization dedicated to researching and analyzing public policy issues on a large scale.

A meeting at the Brookings Institute discussing recovery friendly workplace toolkits

As a non-profit, the Brookings Institution provides high-level research meant to provide solutions to social problems facing us today—such as drug addiction.  

With the combined talents of over 300 experts with diverse backgrounds from all over the world, the Brookings Institution covers a wide variety of topics concerning social issues on the local, national, and global levels.

Chameleon Group: A Recovery Friendly Business

The Chameleon Group recognizes the growing problem of opioid addiction within the workplace and strives to meet addicts and recovering addicts “where they are at.” 

This positive mindset provides the labor force with continual growth and vulnerable employees are getting a second chance.  Chameleon offers a safe, judgment-free space that focuses on mental health wellness as part of the company’s mission. The time and money spent on addiction recovery resources create an important bond with team members as well as the community at large.

Employees helping each other as a response to the recovery friendly workplace initiative

The Chameleon Group was one of the first companies in New Hampshire to participate in the Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative. Led by NH Governor Chris Sununu, the program was created to equip local businesses with the resources needed to create a supportive environment within the workplace for recovering addicts. 

There are now hundreds of companies in New Hampshire that are participating in this program, giving those in recovery a wide range of job opportunities that best support their strengths as business professionals, while offering a safe and supportive place to work.  

Chameleon’s mission also parallels that of the Brookings Institution—solving the problems that are facing our society today. Kicking off the event will be a fireside chat co-anchored by Dr. Rahul Gupta. Dr. Gupta has collaborated with the Chameleon Group in the past at a roundtable discussion in New Hampshire to talk about the New Hampshire Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW) initiative just last year.    

How to Be a Part of This Month’s Event

The event will occur on April 18 at the Brookings Institution from 1-3 PM EST in Washington DC.

Dr. Rahul Gupta, director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, and Julie Wernau of the Wall Street Journal with be participating in a fireside chat, highlighting issues the opioid epidemic has caused in the labor force.

That will be followed by an expert panel discussion moderated by Richard Franks from the Brookings Institute and attended by Dr. Tisamarie Sherry (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services), Kyle Zimmer (International Union of Operating Engineers), and Dana Lariviere (Chameleon Group). 
You can either register to attend in person or register to watch via webcast.

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