September 15, 2015

Cleansing a Sales Call List: Chameleon Group

Cleansing a sales call list basically involves taking nothing and making it something.

What is the purpose of cleansing a sales call list? In a word–connection. You begin with a standard list. It might be a list of previous customers, website inquiries, or a quick list a business owner compiled from existing resources. Often times, only a single email address is provided. And let me tell you, having a list full of inaccurate contacts can be very frustrating for a sales representative. At Chameleon Group, we strive to make every sales call valuable to our customers.

In nature, chameleons are naturally adaptive to their environments. Unknown contacts, blank email addresses, missing phone numbers, or wrong company names are things we encounter daily–even hourly–at Chameleon. We work around these issues by doing thorough research before we make each cold call. If we don’t find anything in our research, we make the first call attempt. Speaking with a “gatekeeper,” a receptionist or operator, is one of the best strategies for updating information. Gatekeepers usually have a deep knowledge of both the company and the employees. They can usually confirm our current contacts, update us if an employee is no longer with the company, and even offer updated contact information. Getting the “gatekeeper” on your side is very helpful when cleansing a cold call list.

I always find that it is best to be honest about your reason for calling. I usually use the phrases, “We’re making sure our records are up to date;” or, “We don’t want to send information to a contact who is no longer with your company.” Sometimes, the receptionist or the contact will ask where we got their information. In these cases, it helps to be honest as well. Typically, contacts have submitted their information through webinars/seminars, quote requests, or sales inquiries. If you do know how you got their information, let them know. In turn, they will usually be more helpful.

Cleansing a sales call list is important for reconnecting with old customers, gaining new customers, or removing contacts that are no longer relevant. It’s a great feeling when our customers realize that we like to make ourselves available to them. Often times, this simple reconnection with a client will spark them to inquire about other solutions or even ask for a quote. Over time, it becomes apparent that any connection is good connection.

Author: Chelsea, Sales List Cleansing

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