August 3, 2016

Sales Partners for a Changing Sales Model

The world of sales is changing. Technology has made speed and convenience the most important factors in the sales cycle. As we talked about in our last blog, consumers often do their own research, and they reach out to your company with specific questions before they buy. This doesn’t mean the world of traditional sales is dead; it just needs to adapt. You need sales partners who work with you to support your goals.

Inside Sales is the future of sales: Sales Partners

Inside Sales Representatives (ISRs) are the present and future of the sales model. Using technology such as live chat, email response systems, and traditional telephone, ISRs can reach consumers on their terms: quickly and conveniently.

Inside Sales Representatives utilize technology to their advantage, and to the advantage of the company. When taking into account travel, expenses, print materials, labor, and time, the average outside sales call costs $308. Compare this to the $50 average for an inside sales call.

Just for fun, here are some more inside sales statistics:

Chameleon’s Inside Sales Force

As you can see, speed, technology and perseverance are everything in the changing sales model. Our Inside Sales teams work for you from a distance. We access your training databases and assimilate into your sales force. We respond to inquiries and we mine the prospect field, converting qualified prospects into leads. Ready to dominate the changing sales model? Contact us today to learn more about our seamless Inside Sales force.

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