How Does Chameleon Group Save Me Money?

How Does Chameleon Group Save Me Money?


As a complete sales partner, our efforts at Chameleon Group save you money in terms of improving the fluidity of your sales process. By eliminating unsuccessful elements of your sales system, your sales dollars go farther and bring about a stronger ROI.

As we manage your sales efforts, whether that’s through database cleansing, inbound marketing, direct sales, or telemarketing, we watch the metrics. Every day of every campaign we perform for your company is tracked. This helps us assess what’s working and adjust our efforts over time.

Measuring Sales Results

The most important part of the process is knowing what measure, when to measure it, and how to interpret those measurements to bring about the greatest success. When companies attempt to comprehensively track their sales efforts in-house, they often aren’t aware of which factors are bringing about what results. At Chameleon Group, this type of support and analysis is our specialty.

One example of our process is seen in backwards planning. We look at the desired outcome of a particular campaign, then we backtrack to determine the steps to take in order to arrive there. We look at the recurring actions that are required, and as we implement the sales efforts, we assess the data and adjust our efforts accordingly.

Effective Sales Strategy

Our evaluation process allows for a level of highly tuned, effective sales strategy that often cannot be accomplished in-house. Rather than pursuing a trial-and-error approach to a sales campaign, Chameleon Group provides cost-effective services that save you money and bring real results. Contact us today to learn more!

Outsourcing Inside Sales Is a Strategic Move

Outsourcing Inside Sales Is a Strategic Move


Outsourcing inside sales is a strategic move that can help take your sales team to the next level. Trying to figure out the most economic and cost-effective way to drive sales up can be stressful. Do you try to keep sales in-house? Is it a good idea for your company to outsource?

At Chameleon Group, we offer a highly specialized and customizable “off the shelf” skill set that can add value and productivity to your already existing sales force. We can give you that extra boost that will allow your sales team to focus on the other essential areas of your business, like customer retention and long-term customer relationships.

Outsourcing Inside Sales Saves Time

It takes a lot of time to train people on the proper techniques and procedures of inside sales. It’s a skill and an art, and a lot of valuable time can be lost in training new salespeople properly. Cold calling and qualifying the right customers can also eat up significant chunks of time that your inside sales force could be using to build relationships with existing customers. By hiring an outsourced sales team, you’re gaining a “virtual” sales team of professional, already-trained experts in the highly specialized field of inside sales.

Our sales team integrates seamlessly into yours, providing a skilled sales force to help your team be the most effective team it can be. It saves time, frustration and creates more leads that can ultimately lead to a more productive sales team.

Outsourcing Sales Helps The Bottom Line

Hiring and training new inside sales representatives can cost a lot—not just in time, but in the bottom dollar. As the saying goes, “time is money.” Outsourcing your inside sales can be much more cost effective than hiring multiple new sales reps.

With the capacity to reach more people and properly qualify people directly on the phone, you’re using your valuable resources in the most cost-efficient way. Cold calls and lead acquisitions can eat into the profit margin of your company; having an entire time dedicated to doing those tasks well will add up quickly.

Grow Your Sales Force With Inside Sales

Chameleon Group is dedicated to providing professional, well-trained, and highly efficient help to your sales team. We can take your inside sales to the next level together, by adding quality and quantity to your inside sales team. Contact our sales professionals to learn more about the benefits of outsourcing your inside sales, and take your sales team to the next level today!


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Competing In A Global Market

Competing In A Global Market

Business Development

Are you familiar with the famous story of David and Goliath? With a single well-placed pebble (and perhaps a smidgen of divine intervention) David was able to overcome the giant Goliath.

There might be some truth to this story in reference to small business development. In short, one single marketing campaign can launch your company from start-up to enterprise, but the issue lies in delivery. There is no specific stone that allowed David to persevere; rather it just happened to be the right one, aimed at the right place, at the right time. Small businesses are able to compete with large ones because of unique offerings such as account dedication, adherence to verticals, seamless integration, etc. The reason you started your business is because you can do it better, are you broadcasting these strengths as best you can?

Taking an introspective look at our own industry, we have time and time again delivered results for our Fortune 500 multi-national corporate clients. These clients sought us out over the telemarketing industry titans (i.e. Callbox, Webimax, etc.) because we have something unique to offer. At the beginning of every marketing piece, or outbound call we assure the prospect that our clients receive the utmost attention and dedication alongside a seamless integration with their inside sales force.

“If David was able to defeat the giant Goliath with nothing but a sling and a stone, one can assume that was a pretty great sling.”

If there was an easy way to conduct telemarketing and inside sales it wouldn’t be a $900 billion (+) industry. There are many factors that come into play, and depending on your service or product category it could be near impossible to predict the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. So how do you ensure a strong delivery of your service offerings? If you have conducted the necessary market research than there should be no confusion as to whom your key prospects are. From this point on, the weight of your business development weighs upon your content strategy and the leads you target. Content strategy is easily placed into these 6 steps:

  1. Create
  2. Refine
  3. Target
  4. Refine
  5. Publish
  6. Repeat

Targeting qualified prospects ensures effective content strategy; In order to fully-analyze ROI, marketing managers need to examine the cost of media against the costs of a lead qualification campaign. Results of this examination will show a significant drop in cost per customer acquisition when a successful lead qualification campaign is conducted. For example, Chameleon Group’s average cleanse rate in a database full of faulty leads is around 12%-15%, therefore when conducted it can save clients over 85% on media-spend. Certainly savings worth considering.

Reach out for a free assessment of your inbound efforts.

What Are You Trying To Accomplish?

Business Development

Successful business development requires a clear understanding of the process and creation of a solid plan.

Conversations with new prospects or existing clients often reveal they have a great need for lots and lots of information. Ironically, we often discover this information is never fully utilized or even read. The fact of the matter is that business development is a tricky business, even more so without a plan. Anyone that tells you otherwise has never made a cold call in their life.

The goal is clearly generating revenue, but understanding how to track that process is the key to the kingdom. It’s not just a matter of sales prospecting, rather it’s all about recognizing that when it comes to cultivating sales leads, there is a delicate balance between quality and quantity.

In my experience, nothing is more satisfying than having a conversation with a customer or prospect about the process involved in developing and cultivating a true pipeline. In some instances, there are considerations of which our prospects were not even aware. Helping our clients understand how to manage expectations is a critical step in business development success.

To that end, it’s important to realize talking to someone and having an in-depth conversation are two very different things. Just because contact was made with a live person does not mean the connection was anything more than reaching reception.

You’ve got to understand what it all means, how the business development process works and the anticipated final outcome.  Not sure you have all the information to create a solid plan?  As a direct extension of your sales and marketing team, that’s where we can help. Whether its picking up the phone to move prospects to the next step or managing the database to show how the records move from freezing cold to confirmed appointment to solid pipeline is what we do best.

So I ask you. What are you trying to accomplish?

If you build it, will they come?

If you build it, will they come?

Event Fulfillment

Anyone that has hosted an event is well aware of the fact that planning an event is more complicated than the old Field of Dreams adage: “if you build it, they will come.” Event hosting is uncertain and extremely expensive. According to the research, B2B companies invest in 26 events a year, 14 of their own company led events and 12 third-party events, representing a whole 20% of their marketing budget!

Events have their benefits however; traditional advertising methods are static broadcasts into public space, whereas event marketing creates the one-and-only environment by which you can be face-to-face with your consumer per their request. It is a chance to show your competence, competitiveness, and acumen through displaying some valuable information particular to their business’ development. How are you maximizing attendance of key-prospects?

Now that we’ve established that seminars and webinars are highly-effective sales and marketing tools, and that there are enormous costs associated with planning and implementing an event. We are then left with the question, “how do I ensure the highest efficiency per dollar spent?” It all comes down to the big three complementary components of successful event hosting.

  1. Unique and engaging content – Being that one could supplement a four-year college degree with this topic alone I’ll present you with this Marketing Prof article which may help you better-engage your attendees. This is crucial to ensure the success of your events in the future.
  1. Utilized as a sales tool – To put it bluntly, your sales and marketing materials and hand-outs aren’t going to close a sale, only direct contact will. Have a sales minded approach throughout the planning stages with constant consideration as to how to close the loop. (This article will help you better optimize your event.)
  1. Reach the right people at the right time – If you’re spending the money on a decent seminar or trade-show you have better be targeting qualified opportunities to attend and/or meet.

On top of the enormous costs associated with event hosting, management’s shift in focus from day-to-day operations creates a gap in the infrastructure of an organization. A sales and marketing staff largely without guidance will detrimentally affect the event, or even the entire organization. The following steps can help in preventing this gap:

  1. Dedicate an interim manager and sales staff to event fulfillment.
  2. Develop an incentive-program based not on attendance, but event performance.
  3. Indicate key statistics and targeting measures that are necessary to define a lead as a qualified attendee. (i.e. (cost of equipment upgrade(or budget)/quarters since last equipment upgrade)<x)

In the event that a company is not immediately scalable, this can prove to be a difficult task. Outsourcing then becomes the best opportunity to generate qualified attendance for events. Keep in mind throughout the entire process that an event is only as successful as the people attending it, when outsourcing it is important ask the right questions to get the right results.

If your company has an event coming up please feel free to field any questions regarding the fulfillment process to the Chameleon Group. We would be happy to provide a free, no-strings-attached assessment outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your outbound campaigns.

Event Optimization


The Question: Las Vegas hotels rent extra dumpsters to more than double their waste capacity throughout trade show season. Can you guess what fills those dumpsters?

The Answer: As sad as it may sound, your Company’s marketing material is what is filling those dumpsters… alongside of course millions of other flyers, hand-outs, posters and other promotional materials.

There is a contagion among corporate sales & marketing staff that can eventually cripple an organization. It causes them to lose sight of real opportunities through a constant search for more cold-leads. This tunnel-vision effect is all-too-common in event administration and fulfillment. The following chart shows the sales process in event fulfillment for small-medium sized B2B businesses.


The Scenario: Company A acts as a typical small-medium sized B2B business and hosts a seminar inviting 1000 prospects, of which only 40% are qualified and interested in attending. From the 400, 65% will actually make it to the event. The event now with 260 attendees goes smoothly and Company A is ready for the money to start rolling in.

The unfortunate reality is that despite how much hard work Company A put into the seminar, sales are difficult. Facing a 5% close-rate they close 13 sales for the entire event.

Only 50% of businesses go further than the basic invitation to secure attendance for their seminars and webinars. If Company A were to implement a confirmation of attendance from prospects invited, they would experience a 20% reduction in the prior drop-off rate. With a post-event customized follow-up campaign Company A would experience a 5% reduction in the prior drop-off rate.

The Math:
Typical: 1000*(1-.6)=400, 400(1-.35)=260, 260(1-.95)=13
Enhanced: 1000*(1-.6)=400, 400(1-.15)=340, 340(1-.9)=34

The Takeaway:
With almost three times more sales, it begs the question, how are you managing event optimization?

It takes a scalable sales environment to implement the confirmation and follow-up stages of event-fulfillment. This adaptability is something that Chameleon Group prides itself in, we provide our clients the ability to dynamically ratchet-up or ratchet-down their sales efforts. We are also happy to provide a free consultation on your event lead generation campaigns.

We are happy to include FREE EVENT FOLLOW-UP for any event fulfillment campaign.